Renko offline chart is freezing

I´m trying to set up my computer for trading.
In one of my trading system i´m using offline renko charts. And there is the problem.
Mt4 is freezing when i want to open it. The rest of the computer is working perfect. My other MT4 is running smooth.
When i´m doing a online speedtest when nothing is open i got like 80-90mbps and when i got things running it drops to <10mbps download.
i have reduce the candle historie on mt4
I´ts also freezing when it´s the only one open.

Do any of you have a idee=

it is not a matter of connection but is the nature of the mt4, expecially with multiple instances of it with multicore processors. try to set affinity using only 1 processor (the same for each metatrader you open). This should speed up them.

I know a little about internetworking (20 years project managing infrastructure projects). It is often the case from what you have described that the service at the other end is congested. That could be because the immediate demand exceeds the bandwidth the services is able to supply, or could be that the load balancing servers at the other end have got you stuck in a queue that is frozen. Did it make any difference if you stopped the service, exited from it completely and tried to re-enter the service? Was it any different 12 hours or 24 hours later?

When people speed test their connection, it does not show up potential congestion at the receiving end of your request for service.

Tanggo thank you for your input. And i did it. I see some effect on the MT4 with my EA.
But my MT4 with the offline renko charts is still freezing.

Mondeoman, Also thanks for your input. But i see no differents.

This is what i tried with no effect.
-tried the input from mondeoman and tango
-Tried a old laptop and it´s running smooth with no freezing
-I moved the PC downstairs to try a shorter and new cable And it´s still freezing.
-cable, wifi, upstairs and downstairs same problem still freezing

Well done on the elimination work. Does it make any difference which browser you use with the new laptop? The reason I ask is that, for different purposes, I use different browsers. My trusted is Brave, but it autoblocks many advertisements from “push advertising” and that also blocks my internet banking too. So if I encounter problems, I reluctantly try MS Edge (my least favourite browser) and if that fixes the problem I reluctantly use Edge. I also use Google Chrome browser for some work related tasks too.

Another suggestion is try to use task manager to monitor the CPU usage, memory usage, and disk read/write usage. If any of them shoot up to 100% it may point to the cause of the problem of freezing. How to use Task Manager to monitor Windows 10's performance - TechRepublic