Repainting Renko!

Hi all,

Just a few days back I started using Renko charts for high frequency scalping.
I have 1-pip renko boxes and use breakouts/bounces from SnR levels and patterns to trade.
I have attached the Renko indicator onto a 1-min Eurusd chart and correctly setup my offline renkos.

I have turned on ‘wicks’ because i like to trade retracements and wicks allow for better backtesting.

But during forward testing I discovered the Chart actually repaints. I do not mean the current box… The history also repaints.
Is this normal for renko bars? (I don’t think so)

Below is today’s EurUsd chart and I have put arrows at abnormally long wicks. These wicks are around 3-4 pips long. This means price traveled down 4 pips and moved up 6 pips to form the green Renko brick. Shouldn’t the 4pip down movement be shown as 4 red bricks followed by greens when the price comes back up?
Could this be because I have labeled the chart as M3 instead of M2??
I named it M3 because I already have a 10 pip Renko chart named as M2.

NOTE: When I was trading live, the bricks were forming normal. Means those wicks were normal bars. But after some time I saw the Brick suddenly changed into long wicks. I saw it happen.

See the long series of red bricks on the left? Those formed after the CPI and unemployment rate came out today. In that series were a few random green and red ones when the price stalled and moved a few pips up-down. But soon even those green bricks were gone. Now the pic seems like price moved down without stalling or retracing even 2 pips (but it did). There are no wicks even!

REPEAT: Although this does NOT affect trading in real time, it is still disturbing when some highs/lows missing from history.

I understand now…
After going back on the chart I see each and every one of those absurd wicks is exactly as long as the following downward move. In short… they mean nothing.
Was a problem with the indicator logic… went to the code and changed it, easy fix.

haha, glad you wrote that last post… otherwise I would have sat here thinking I really don’t understand renko charts at all


I already knew these renko charts, and stopped using them because he redesigning.

As you confeguiu solve the problem?I did not understand what was your solution.


I did not find any trouble with live trading using Renko charts. I just wanted to figure out why the history repaints and why those wicks form. They don’t matter during trading though.
From my experience Renko should not be used as a stand-alone system. This means that you should have a good system in place. I have found out that if something works fairly on candlestick charts it should work marginally better on Renko (except price action).

hope it helps.

Yes, helped me a lot

Thank you for helping me