Report Against Olymp Trade

Hello Everyone,

I am Bijay Prasad. I withdraw amount from olypm trade .

  1. I withdraw $12 from olymp trade on 04/05/2020. And I got in my Bank on 06.05.2020 (DD/MM/YYYY).
    The Amount I got only $2 (148.87).
  2. I withdraw $15 from olymp trade on 12/05/2020. And I got in my Bank on 14.05.2020 (DD/MM/YYYY).
    The Amount I got only $5 (371.76).
    Still I haven’t get my $20.
    I send around 15 mail to olyptrade support. But every time I got the same reply .
    They give me ARN number and they said they will send me in 4 part ($2,$10,$5,$10)and said that check in your bank . I already went to bank and ask about this bank said to me check your bank statement. If amount comes then it show in your bank statement.
    Now my question is when I withdraw at one time $12
    Then why you send me in 2 part one is $2 and second is $10 .
    Again the same thing happens with $15. Again you said you send me in 2 part . One is $5 and second is $10.
    I got small amount which is $2 and $5 within 5 days.
    Why $20 not got it ?
    Is this not strange. That i got small amount and not got bigger amount .
    [ If anyone withdraw $97 then you will send in 10 part ]
    Why they send me in 2 part
    $12 ($2 And $10)
    $15 ($5 And $10)

This happened in my last Two withdraw. I didn’t check my previous Withdraw. Maybe it’s also happened in my previous withdraw.

I attach my bank statement pic.
Please help me.
Thank You
Bijay Prasad

Looked up Olymp Trade and found this. Perhaps you’re lucky you’ve only lost $15.

According to various sources, Olymp Trade is not technically illegal in India but it is in no way monitored or controlled by SEBI or RBI. This means if a trader faces any issues with regards to the app’s transactions or collections then Indian authorities will not be able to help.

What is the Olymp Trade app and is it legal and safe in India? - Republic World.

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Thank you for your reply.
Yes you right I lost only 20$. Now I understand that I will not get my money.
Thank God, it’s not 1000$ .
Which trade is best for me in India…

Looks like in terms of exchanges, your options are: BSE, NSE, MCX-SX.

I’ve seen so many ads about Olymp trade. If that is how they handle their clients’ money, it’s pretty shady!

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Oh wow they’re also in your country? :open_mouth:

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I see em on my youtube and facebook feed. Surprisingly, Ive seen a local person endorsin’ Olymp trade on Facebook. I guess they have a marketin’ arm here. :sweat:

Wonder if they operate like an MLM. :thinking:

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Olymp trade is big trading site… I don’t understand why the support system is not very helpful… everytime I got almost same reply…

Have you contacted the company support team? Why is this happening?
You need to understand the cause of the problem to solve it.

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Yes I already mailed them, and also they replied but not solve my problem.
Every time same reply.
I send around 15 mailed.