Research on productivity/administrative software for traders

Hi guys,

My name is Mirna and I am a software entrepreneur. I am doing a research on Forex Market productivity/ administration processes that can be improved through simple software or technology, and I would really appreciate any help from you.

Would you be open to share the top 2 or 3 processes or tasks that you find difficult or painful to implement in your daily work, or that you know keep Forex traders up at night, and that have to do with administrative work?

Right now I am focusing on productivity and administrative tools that can eliminate waste of time (and therefore money). I am talking with traders all over the world about this, and I got some interesting answers about “pain problems” in the area of writing reports and all of the administrative side of things which most big software companies are not that interested to make, but take away traders hours monthly and frustrate them. This is now my main point of concern.

I am not selling anything, I would just love to hear about the problems you face on day to day basic while trading in the Forex market - reporting, all the administrative things you have to do in you trading day and anywhere where you need to use really old tools like word or excel sheets.

If you have an idea what software out there isn’t around and should be to get rid of your “pain in the ass” thing during your workday, please let me know.

Any help is really appreciated!


Making profit all the time. Can you create any software which will help us with this? :slight_smile: