Resolutions for forex trading

What are your resolutions for forex trading in the next five years?

Forex trading has become my primary source of income.

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I will be trading a $10 million live account


Well. personally want to keep learning about it and become better at it. I know it might be like a trap because it has no end but at the moment I still need to gain more skill so I can then think about next 5 upcoming years.

Trying to be a better trader
and to see whether I got what it takes to become a full-time trader

Not sure if you’re being sarcastic with this one, Steve :sweat_smile: But manifesting this for youuu! :pray: :blush:

I guess mine is simple. Kinda easy to say but hard to accomplish. :sweat_smile: I just want to be able to trade regularly, and be at peace while doing so. :sweat_smile:

That’s fantastic! Many of us aspire to achieve financial success through Forex trading.

That’s impressive! Trading a $10 million live account requires a considerable level of skill

That’s a wise approach! You will be more prepared to navigate the market if you focus on skill development today.

What are the key qualities of a professional trader?
let us know what you think

haha how complex it is going to be.
the same as other trdaers and I.

Well, I have forked out ÂŁ149 to LUX prop firm to join their wannabees, and if I get lucky they do have a stepping stone upgrade to a $10 million LIVE account, which could take me several years to reach.

The positives are they set NO time limit, and my entry money would be returned if I pass the two early stages. First stage is to make $1,500 before losing $1,250 on a $25K demo account, which is reasonable enough. Quite a good MT4 platform that has all I need as part of my strategy…

As my pro friend says, Onward and Upward.

Developing a disciplined trading routine. Setting specific trading goals.

A professional trader is someone with extensive knowledge of the financial markets and a firm command of trading strategies. They are risk-averse, methodical, and skilled risk managers. They are adept at identifying patterns and evaluating market data. They can modify their tactics to suit various market conditions. They remain composed and reach reasoned conclusions based on data and analysis. They stay up with current technologies and are able to adapt.