Results from copytrading/mirrortrading

Hi everyone !
Has anyone ever succeeded in making money copying/investing other traders with services like Zulu , Autotrade , ?


I copy my trades with my own copier and earn money so I do not see why Autotrade or Zulu can’t do the same and earn money. To many fees?

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I was meaning in general. :wink:

Are there successful diversified investors earning with those services?

Short term yes, long term no. All were fine, until they weren’t, in a big way.
Didn’t realise how toxic grid traders were in those days.
I don’t think it works for the vast majority, too many people taking a cut along the way; and conflicts of interest. Of course there are bound to be a few lucky punters out there, just by chance.

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@CavaliereVerde I think it is like investing in one Darwin. Some get good results some “blow” money.

@JimN I test Grid 2008 and it was great until it wasn’t. Grid is madness but maybe you need to burn some money before we understand that.


That is exactly the point!
But here almost nobody knows Darwinex and investing has the same problems also on sites using traditional copytrading.
Visible trackrecords are just the luckiest monkeys, no edge, pure survivorship bias.

maybe no-one here wants to know darwinex

The goal of this discussion wasn’t to advertise darwinex but to have feedback from users with an experience with traditional copytrading.

I never heard about Derwinex myself, wondering the same thing :thinking:. Would like input from you guys who’ve tried and succeeded somehow.

I’ve tried OctaFX’s. So far alright I guess, gained some. I haven’t invested that much cause I’m still kinda testing it on and off for a few months now. just kinda time consuming to find the suitable masters, and have to keep checking their updates, many uncopied orders, app delay, etc.

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I am using both eToro and Darwinex since many years and I am happy about their technology.
The problem of investing other traders is not technical but it requires a lot of experience to avoid charlatans or lucky monkeys.

Yes agree, and to know the broker’s rules are very important as well, and really skim through tons of masters, that part is tiring me out. I’ll check other brokers to see how they work…