Retire or Bust, an Old Gambler Gets Serious

I’m 58, a few years out of a shattering divorce. During the pandemic, I married again, and moved into a much better job.

I’ve never had a penny left over after bills, in my life.

Now that I do, I’m determined to turn that penny into a nickel.

While I’ve never traded, I have played poker for decades, considered turning pro early in the ‘poker boom’. I decided to take the ‘wife and kids’ path instead. Despite my sufferings, no regrets. Point is, I have long experience managing myself and a bankroll.

Now, I’m working from home, I have the time, I certainly have the motivation… will I have the commitment?

I believe so. As at other junctures in my lifetime, I feel I have no choice.

I succeed at trading, or bust.

You will find playing poker against yourself is useless as the market doesn’t know you or care about you. The challenge is to trade and let the market prove you’re right.

Which means nursing winning trades and cutting losing ones. If you can emotionally control that you are on the path to eventual success.

There is no short cut.