Returning Newbie

Hi All.

After learning forex basics in college/university when having had no money, I am back to learn again and practice what’s needed for slow and steady success.

Welcome. Good mindset to succeed. While it’s a long difficult journey, perseverance is a key factor. Open a demo account with a regulated broker to practice and experiment on.

Here is a tip. While 80% of traders are losers, the key is to anticipate what these lemmings are going to do next. Such pivot signals are support and resistance zones and supply and demand areas where losing traders close their trades or get stopped out.

So winning traders can either TP before the zones, or wait and see what’s going to happen and take it from there. .

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Welcome back to learning! Take your time and hope all goes well this time!

Welcome to the community, @TexanRyan. How has your learning been so far?