Reversal patterns

Hello I am bramwel,my quiz .which reversal pattern should I consider for I high probability set-up

All reversal patterns are low probability. Of course, some are worse than others, but are you sure you’re looking for the right thing? -
Ddo you want high probability patterns or reversal patterns?


Try head and shoulders pattern

It’s hard to know what is a reversal and what is a retracement. I would study market structure and generally go with the trend. Look at what higher timeframes are doing and fundamentals.

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I’ve heard that the most used one would be the head and shoulders pattern or the double top. :open_mouth: But I don’t recommend solely relying on them. :open_mouth: I feel like the best way to go would be to use them as another sign along with your indicators. :thinking:

none :grinning:

you should consider continuation-patterns for high probability set-ups

reversal-patterns are all low probability set-ups

absolutely no criticism implied - especially as we were all once where you are now! - but don’t even think about trading with actual money (rather than on demo) until you’re really clear about that, and understand why it’s always going to be so, etc … :wink:


Thanks for explaining this!

Can breakouts be reversal and continuation patterns? I think this is a yes.


Hey Bramwel,

Look into the Head and Shoulders pattern for bearish reversals and its inverse for bullish ones. Always double-check with other indicators.

Just look for support and resistence zones previously and follow that pattern with current price action.

It’s made easy if you use PSAR balls set up 0.09 - 0.50 as you can draw a line across the charts lining them up either for buying or selling trends.

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yes - i’m sure it is :slight_smile:

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Consider the “Double Top” or “Double Bottom” reversal patterns for high probability set-ups in trading.

The most reliable would be candlestick patterns, like double tops or doji candle. Anyway, as a beginner I made the same mistake trying to find reversal trading opportunities. Believe me, it is very hard even for the most experienced traders. So I would advise you to change your strategy and leave reversals to more experienced ones. Focus on continuation trading opportunities and you will see the difference.


well said @tommor . low probability is the nature of reversals. if you are newbie in trading then I strongly recommend you to stay away from reversals , breakouts and scalping. They are not the easiest ways to start trading, but they are easy and quick ways to blow up your account.


Don’t even consider a reversal strategy as you’ll get burned. They just DON’T work and I offer simple reasons as to why.

People confuse reversals with retracements and get overly eager and reckless.

When does a retracement actually QUALIFY as a reversal?

How do you truly measure its success?

When anticipating or more likely HOPING for a reversal, you will be siding with the MAJORITY of market participants. That alone, places you at a massive disadvantage.

Once more than 55% of the market participants are long I will ONLY look for shorts and obviously vice versa. It does make a difference, especially when holding positions medium to long term.


I would agree with you - assuming you mean by “market participants” private retail forex traders.

Most private retail traders are losing money and will be knocked out of the game soon. Do what they do and you will end up like them.


A decent reversal pattern is a double top/bottom. This pattern is simply price bouncing off the same level at least 2 times.AKA support/resistance.

This pattern can work with the long term trend or as a reversal signal, but as with any pattern it won’t work every time.

Also common with double tops/bottoms is the retest, so be patient with this pattern.

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It’s all here Double Bottom Types - this is how people learn by having source references and statistical foundations, what they are really looking for is a bump-and-run.

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Ok. Technical terms, measurements, etc., aren’t a big priority for me and are mostly just subjective anyways. But that’s trading.