Reverse Psychology? Possible?

I was wondering whether this reverse psychology will work…

From the many different posts that i have read, they have always emphasized more or less on these 2 trading rules:

risk:reward ratio should always be 1 : (above value of 1)
do not overtrade/be greedy

So my point on this Reverse Psychology is to do the direct opposite of the above stated 2 rules.

This includes trying to aim to hit your stop loss on purpose all the time.


Demo trade this system & see what happens, I think you
probably know the outcome.

I asked this question to see if anyone has already “been there, done that”.
yeah i think i will go try it out anyways. hahas.

Yes of course they have, there is generally nothing new in forex,
it is like trying to re-invent the wheel, but you do not need to believe
all those experienced traders elsewhere, try it for yourself.

Then come back & learn to trade properly.