Reviews on Forex Steroid (SteroidFX) EA

Hello all,

This is my first post in this forum and since I learned alot from this forum and website, I decided to share my finding about this EA which may help you all.

I bought this EA on 11 January 2016, and let it run 24/5 all day long using all the recommended requirements mentioned in the user guide.

Look how it works: FX Steroid Test System by jamshidz | Myfxbook

IT SUCKS! yea!! Even with DEMO account with almost 0 slippage and fast execution.
PLEASE don’t get into their trap and waste USD179…. it is absolutely SCAM!

The only reason I am sharing this is, because I was cheated by them and I thought if I can share this, it may help some people save $179 in their pocket.

If anyone of you got any experience of using this EA please share.

I can say this EA algorithm is purely base on Support/Resistance level and it is impossible to work out.

I am now pursuing the case with Paypal resolution center to get my refund as they advertised false and invalid info in their website like 70% return every month and so on.

Thank you for sharing this.
I saw this EA on the top of a EA list together with the Wall Street one but I’m hesitant about both of them.

Im really happy this post could help you not get into their trap.
That’s the main purpose of this post.

Friend if you want I can assist you in the configuration process for your EA profit …
First you will not be able to leave it on 24 hours on.

It was recommended by owner of this EA to let it run for 24/5.
However, it doesn’t open orders on instant execution basis, it opens orders by buy/sell limit & buy/sell stop… so does not matter whether you run it on certain period of times or always.

Anyway, they have terminated my license because of sharing the truth about this EA on online communities, and lodging complaint to Paypall.