Ripple XRP settles with SEC for $100 million, will return investor funds

The source is reputable, so probably unlikely to be an April Fools Day joke. But wow. Huge fine. It’s a settlement, so Ripple admits no fault. With a $25 billion market cap, what’s $100 million, but the fine has to sting, given Ripple and XRP’s legitimacy in other parts of the world.

Or perhaps the SEC found itself in a losing position, and offered up the settlement to get something. We will never know.

Now we wait for an official announcment of the settlement and a relisting of XRP to the largest exchanges.

I think you’ve been punked :rofl:

Happy April Fool’s Day, BillyBob

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Oh my oh my. :joy:

We shall see on Friday, the day after for fools!

So was it a joke or not?

Bloody April fools…

You got bamboozled!

The post was taken down. I’m cleaning the pie of my face. :rofl:

In better news, confirmed with my eyes, XRP is up.

Lol I see 22 people clicked the link too :joy:

Perhaps the article helped push the price above $1 for a bit, before we all came to our senses!

Frankly, I invest in cryptocurrencies just to diversify my portfolio and manage risk. Otherwise, I don’t understand them that well. Also, I never trade them because it requires a lot of knowledge. I find them good for long-term investments.

Better to get acquainted with what you’re investing in. At least at a basic level.

Which cryptos do you invest in?

The rumor mill is under the impression that the case will be settled soon.

Can we trust a lawyer?

I never thought that I would invest in any cryptocurrency other than bitcoin. But seeing the rising value of ripple makes me believe that I was wrong and the market has got to offer a lot of opportunities to its traders if they are ready to do something big.

Plenty of coins and tokens have doubled in just the last couple day (and some have fallen again). Plenty of opportunity outside of Bitcoin. Interested in any others?