Ripple XRP settles with SEC for $100 million, will return investor funds

The source is reputable, so probably unlikely to be an April Fools Day joke. But wow. Huge fine. It’s a settlement, so Ripple admits no fault. With a $25 billion market cap, what’s $100 million, but the fine has to sting, given Ripple and XRP’s legitimacy in other parts of the world.

Or perhaps the SEC found itself in a losing position, and offered up the settlement to get something. We will never know.

Now we wait for an official announcment of the settlement and a relisting of XRP to the largest exchanges.

I think you’ve been punked :rofl:

Happy April Fool’s Day, BillyBob

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Oh my oh my. :joy:

We shall see on Friday, the day after for fools!

So was it a joke or not?

Bloody April fools…

You got bamboozled!

The post was taken down. I’m cleaning the pie of my face. :rofl:

In better news, confirmed with my eyes, XRP is up.

Lol I see 22 people clicked the link too :joy:

Perhaps the article helped push the price above $1 for a bit, before we all came to our senses!