Risk Management

Hi, I’ve been reading this site and practicing on Markets.com for a few months with mixed results. However the tool that seems to be potentially the most helpful through my research is the Trailing Stop Order. watching where i have lost my gut tells me that it would or at least could have been prevented. However Markets.com doesn’t seem to have such an order. Or if it does it isn’t very clear or useable. Does anybody else use Markets.com that could help explaiun or even suggest a better more useable platform that offers this type of risk management.

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I believe MT4 (maybe MT5?) offers trailing stops built in directly in the platform. Most brokers offer the platforms so you shouldn’t have problems opening a demo account with any one of them and see for yourself.

If I am wrong and MT4/5 do not have the trailing stop function, there are many trailing stop scripts available online that you can use to manage your trades.

A quick Google search brought this up as a top result: (Not affiliated with them)
Trailing Stop EAs for MT4 | Forex Strategies & Systems Revealed