Risk Range

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Quick question: What is risk Range and how do I calculate it?

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I’ve heard of “risk range” in other fields (e.g. in statistics, and in medical research), but I’m not aware of ever having heard or seen this expression in a [I]trading[/I] context at all.

Google gave me no help, either, in this context.

So I suspect that you’re probably asking about something that’s well-known under another name/term/expression, but I can’t work out what it might be! Sorry …

If you can give some more details of what you’re asking about, and perhaps an example, it may help people to reply.

The fact that even Google couldn’t clue me in on this, as you’re asking about it, suggests that it’s not going to be easy otherwise! :8:

Maybe you meant risk-reward or risk-of-ruin ratio or price range?

My guess was “risk-to-reward ratios”, but I thought I’d better ask for clarification, before writing some long post about them, in case something else was intended …

Sorry folks… how to confuse everyone in 1 sentence.

It is a term I have heard a couple of times recently and something I have no clue about. BUT… after doing a little digging it appears it is also known as ‘Daily Trading Range’. I still don’t have a clue what that means so any help whatsoever would be much appreciated.

What is risk Range

its range of risk

how do I calculate it?

by calculator

[QUOTE=Markaria400;799857]its range of risk

by calculator[/Q]

Well said, Captin Obvious :35::slight_smile:

Quick question:

quick answer

There are some sites like autochartist that allow you to see the average daily movement of various currency pairs. Then you can see how far on average this pair moves in a week/day/hour etc
Some people use ATR indicator (Average True Range) to see range distances.

Useful for putting in stops and setting profit targets.
If you want to be really creative you can use it as an entry strategy and put in an order when it’s ‘supposed to have reached the top/bottom’. Risky tho because picking tops and bottoms is dangeroooooooos.

i dont know, the way i look it its more like the range of risk taken per trade, lets say between 2-10% per trade but i might be wrong…