Road To Consistently Profitable

Hello all,

My name is Willy. I have been trading almost 2 years but become this babypips member just about 1 year. i plan to post my trading journal so that i can be more serious about my trading. I really want to thanks all the members here that helping me with all the fabulous threads. Really hope all of the member get the benefit and will consistently profitable from this forum.

Happy pipping


Posting won’t necessarily make you better at your trading. But it might keep you accountable towards your own strategy. What generally happens is that people tend to fade away when their strategy perhaps works against them as opposed to objectively looking at ways to improve and become a profitable trader.

I encourage you to continue posting until you reach that point. Good or bad. Let it rip.


thanks sir… i will keep on posting my result. thanks for your great advice. it really helpful for me. i have seen trader postpone their success in trading because of unable to stay at their own system and imporving their system.

Really appreciate it so much


buy stop order is placed at above high EURJPY 107.60, reason for entry :

  1. price is above alligator ( the candle haven’t close in it )
  2. put buy stop above previous candle managed to form new high
    Nb: buy stop will be deleted if the new candle close inside the allligator

happy trading,
let’s see what will happen later


you need more order to record your trades. Use an excel sheet. Also doa live recording of each trade, use camtasia, record the opening, the closing and som moments in between if you like, it is much bettere than static charts.

hi Gone,

in your opinion, how many trades should be tested to see whether the system can be working or not ? i have also tested my system through excel sheet to see the performance. Do you believe some system that used to be profitable can become unprofitable by times goes by ?


Never think in terms of how many trades because in 6 months i’ve made something like 30 trades.