Rookie at forex

Hello everyone!

I am a 19 year old spanish engineering student who looks for a ton of information about trading!

The first time I found out about trading was the summer of 2016, where with an app about a chat of forex traders and some economic calendars i was able to get great earnings (in Demo account). I thought that if just by hearing to amateur traders i was able to get some good profit, why not trying myself to educate me in this world of Forex?

I lasted a couple weeks… lmao

So at September of 2017 I reentered this world of trading, and saw the same number of profit winning… But this didn’t last much. After all of this I am greatly motivated to start a journey of learning forex, combining it with my engineering studies.

I don’t aim to live a life of relax, get away from jobs and everything. My aim is to get some money by my own so I can reach some goals, like get my own college bills paid, get a car (not a great car, just something that I can ride and have fun with it (Damn, I love cars so much))… Just be more free and autonomous.

I hope I can reach my goals and learn a lot at this site!


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Welcome, I sure wish they had Foex when I was 18…:))

Learn to control emotions and the world is your oyster.

Welcome to babypips. YOU are in the best place imo

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Hello @Forexda! There’s so much to learn here. Have you been to the School of Pipsology? Anyways, good luck on reaching your goals and have fun learning!

See you around!

Welcome to bp @Forexda! You’re lucky to be starting early. I wish I started fx when I was in my teens hehe. Are you done with the school of pips? :slight_smile: