Rookie here looking for recomondations

Hi guys, new to the forum and trading as a whole. Its something ive been thinking about for a while now, and like a lot of people in the uk and indeed around the world i find i have some free time.on my hands, so i would like to give it a go and find out if i have what it takes I have watches a load of videos online and read a book on forex trading for beginners and im looking for recomendations for more reading materials to further my education,.if anyome would be so kind, also i am looking for recomendations for demo accounts nothing to fancy to start off with, as im dyslexic im not the quickest learner so im looking for something quite basic to start off with and as i get familiar with the basics. Also a broker that lets one trade with relativly small amounts of money, although im quite a way off being at the stage where ill be ready to invest real money, i would like to check a few out see which one i feel is best suited for me.
Thanks jase

Welcome to babypips. Start your education here. it’s free, go through it patiently and go through the posts on different threads. Likelihood is if you have a question, it’s been asked and answered before. You’ll get a lot of support on this site so you’ve come to the right place. It’s a great time to learn a new skill especially with the self isolation going on!

The broker I use is ig index. Try it and try others too and find the one you like.

Good luck
You’ll never walk alone :+1::blush:

Welcome you, you can choose from a range of resources and build your trading skills with free online courses. Here showing a link for you reference:Online Trading Platform | Forex Trading | Trade and Invest | Top 1 Markets Hope this is helpful for you.