RottenEgg Trade Journal ( starting capital €100)

Let’s earn some money!!,

Gbpusd sell 1.24667
SL 1.25066
TP 1.24065

-40 hit the sl

GBPUSD sell 1.24886
SL 1.25395
TP 1.24296

Well that didn’t go according to plan and here I was expecting to begin my journey to unrivalled riches. Best of luck with future trades.

Interesting post and trade @rottenegg, though I’m sorry it didn’t end well.

Do you routinely review losing trades? For example, what prompted you to short GBP/USD this morning? And when you did this, were you following your own regular set-up and entry rules?

for Transparency I will post all the results here, my signals are based on my strategy and entry rules!! Wishing everyone a good pips!

Hit TP +60 pips

Our score so far!

Signal#1 -40 pips
Signal#2 +60 pips

SL 1.23869
TP 1.24975

-40 pips
+60 pips

Thanks for the transparency! :blush: It would be interesting to follow your trades and I would love to also know the thinking behind your positions. :smiley: Anyway, good luuuuck! :slight_smile:

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Move your stoploss +5 pips

Hit our SL +5 pips

-40 pips
+60 pips

+5 pips
+10 pips

GbpUSd buy
SL 1.23882
TP 1.24978

Nearly hit the sl, but I’m closing it now for 10 pips