Royal Forex Trading? Please Respond

Im in Canada and I just opened an account with Royal Forex Trading which is in Lebenon. The documentation process did not take too long. However, I deposited funds on 4th of September and its now September 14th and I still dont have them available. I have spoken to them several times and they say that their bank (Babylos) hasn’t received them yet.

I have been with other international brokers and it has never taken this long to receive my funds. It usually always takes 1-3 days even for an international wire. Is something fishy or is this normal? Please do leave a comment about their service if you are currently with them. Thank-you.

Did you get the necessary information to track the wire transfer?

No, I didnt get the tracking information, but I believe I can go ask my bank, and maybe they can track it now?

Hope so…:wink:

i think you got scamed there