Rumor warning btc street

Rumor warning street about large merchant is shorting bitcoin with a volume of 5000 btc on the Bitfinex exchange.


Yeap heard about that buying the dips

I’ll keep it in mind, thank you for the heads up!

this could be contrarian Im long and will buy lower

Where do you hear your rumors, @KingBuBu?

From the street

Anything new news since the dip below 30k?

I also heard about it. But I don’t believe in all this. I will keep doing what I want to.

people think KingBubu know something… u right he knows how to make money

Very interesting. About 2 weeks after this post, BTC did drop below 30. Was it because of that large merchant?? :open_mouth:

u right it was a good short

Not this past weekend though :skull: