Russia’s former President predicts a monetary crash and a global shift to crypto

Dmitry Medvedev believes that the US dollar and the euro will lose their strength, while crypto will come to prominence.


Yeah - saw those so called predictions - stirring for the sake of it.

Just one example - he predicts that NI will leave UK in 2023 and re-join Ireland.

Here in NI we know that 1st there has to be agreement in NI that conditions are met for a border poll - likely at least 2 years from that agreement. Then should that poll determine re-unification then there will have to be a phased changeover period of dual Sovereignty - likely a number of years.

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US institutions, VCs, hedge funds and retail all took a beating this year with several black swan-like events happening in a single year.

To the tune of greater than 50% down, some facing negative returns able 90%. I think most retail traders, even if you were in the market 24 months ago, are also down.

Until the FTX debacle gets some clarity, and any contagion from DCG and potentially other large players (crypto CEXs especially) stabilizes, 2023 will be mostly down, with blue chips trading sideways.

Perhaps The Bahamas could provide some relief by releasing the $3.5 billion of FTX assets it’s holding for safety reasons.

I agree it will take a couple of years

I don’t really believe in these so-called “predictions” anymore.

Not anytime soon I guess. Global shift to crypto will take some more decades in my opinion. It’s a time consuming process. But lately crypto payment options are becoming the norm for ecommerce businesses. As someone who runs an online business, I was able to witness this growing trend myself ever since I started accepting crypto payments from clients. But a global shift to crypto is still a far fetched goal.