Russia vs. NATO

It looks like things are faaar from over. :confused: If anything, they’re only getting worse! :frowning: What do you think of Zelensky’s warning to NATO members? For all those living in NATO members out there, is this something you’re currently worried about? :open_mouth:

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Zelensky wants to bring NATO in to fight on his side because he already sees the end-game for Ukraine. He is not concerned with the price that NATO would pay - why should he worry about what we have to pay?

The end-game is that Ukraine will be split in two, he will have West Ukraine, Putin will have a puppet government in East Ukraine and NATO will tell Zelensky, sign the agreement for the partition or else you will get no more weapons.

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It certainly looks like a repeat of the German split would be likely if Putin gets his way. Russian shells are landing very close to the Polish border so wonder if Putin is trying to call NATO’s bluff there to see if they bear their teeth or if it’s just hot air.

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I also discussed this with friends and they’re saying that it’s an attempt to further encourage support for Ukraine, and maybe even send more military support. :thinking: But does this mean, we don’t think that Putin actually has the plan and capacity to such a thing? :thinking:

That’s also what I want to see. But in a way, I’m scared of what will happen next. :confused: And to think that I hoped things would get resolved when Ukraine and Russia had those peace talks. :frowning:

If Russia wanted to hit NATO or take NATO territory or weaken NATO forces, they wouldn’t go through Ukraine. Poland or the Baltic states would be much easier, smaller and less defended targets.

As for the Yavoriv base attack in western Ukraine, this is a key raining facility for the Ukrainian military and therefore must have expected to be a target. Some reports say foreign fighters were also assembling and training at Yavoriv. Either way, the Russians would be expected to try to interrupt training and organisation of the Ukrainian defence forces. Its just part of the same campaign, its not new and its not a creeping attack towards the NATO border.

Meantime, while the media are all focused on major cities and especially Kiev, its very possible that Russian military objectives are the Ukrainian army, not the capital. Much of the Ukrainian armed forces are in the east, where they are successfully opposing Russian advances. This effort will be worth nothing if they become encircled as Russian axes of attack swing away from Kiev and other major cities.

I think Zelensky though he is obviously a very brave man may be wise to accept a truce remain neutral give up the disputed regions .
It’s a lose lose for everyone if NATO were to be directly involved


I keep hoping it would end, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. It feels hopeless.

All Ukraine had to do was hold on, i.e. not lose the war. They seem to be achieving this, though they’re going to be broke pretty soon buying weaponry.

What Russia really needed was a swift and fairly low-cost victory, i.e. to won the war. They blew it and have spent many lives, much materiel and reputation. Putin missed his chance at a day of glory today as the conquering hero celebrating the seizing of Ukraine on the 5th anniversary of the Crimea. They can now only hope to win the peace.

Expect a trial cease-fire by Tuesday, which may not hold, but a more lasting truce by next weekend. Then weeks of peace talks into the summer.

Ukraine did better than anyone could have expected. Let us hope they do not give too many, if any, concessions in peace talks.

I can’t imagine how. They’re so terribly outnumbered. :frowning:

NATO forces vastly outnumber the Russian forces and with more advanced technology , in conventional terms, so If Russia attacks a NATO member state, Russian forces would be destroyed with full force of the combined military power of the alliance, and considering how badly Russian troops are performing in Ukraine, and suffering heavy losses, we can assume that NATO will make quick work of the Russians.

I really hope it does not come to such a scenario.

I’m still hopeful for a peaceful resolution.
Maybe I’m a naive/hopeful optimistic fool but I’m still rooting for it :crossed_fingers:

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That will happen - when and how we do not know as yet and with disinforation and Propaganda being foisted on us by BOTH sides - we shall not know the truth for many many years !

Mate - consider this ;

And that Hiroshima bomb wa sonly an ATOMIC Bomb !

Modern technology uses an AtOMIC Bomb as the DETONATOR - for the real thing.

IF NATO gets involved on a direct basis - The full force of Russian Technology WILL be deployed.


Have you never heard of “Mutaually Assured Destruction” ?


The Russian nuclear force is why Putin must absolutely not be forced into a corner, as president facing probable death or life imprisonment. In those circumstances, a strategic nuclear attack could be a viable resort.

It has long been a supposition in Cold War diplomacy that the side that would resort to strategic nuclear war first would be the side about to lose a conventional conflict.

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To be absolutely clear, the side that would most probably have started a strategic nuclear war throughout the Cold War years would of course have been - NATO.

I hope the people who like to see foreign relations as good guys v’s bad guys will feel uncomfortable at this thought. But that’s the reality.

I know, that’s assuming nuclear weapons will not be used. I still think they’ll not be used because that would mean the end of civilization and anyone would be beyond insane to do this.
Some humans may survive the aftermath, provided they stay well away from the conflict zones and be in places such as the southern hemisphere, and have enough stockpiles of food for like 2 years or so to sit out the nuclear winter.