Russian missile landed in Poland and killed 2. Now what happens?

Do you guys think NATO will get involved? Russia is saying it wasn’t their missle.

So that means it’s Ukraine’s missile. I’m pretty sure the powers that be can tell where the missile came from.

Probably - but the evidence is that your own Government will blatantly lie to you “in time of war” - so what evidence do you have that “They” will tell YOU thr truth ? :laughing:

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So true. but how to you then decide what’s true or false?

I mean who do you trust to tell you the truth about stuff like this?

Sounds like a good reason to stay out of it.


Now what happens? More sanctions, what else can you expect from NATO?

Well, it was a story and then it wasn’t.

First Russia did it. Then it was a Ukrainian missile. The Russian missile evading Ukrainian defenses. Then Ukrainian defense missile going after Russian missile.

It’s all bad.

But wouldn’t happen if there was no war at all.