Safe Broker

I am new to Forex I am ready now to open forex account but I am reading all kind of bad staffs on brokers can I get advice which brokers safe to open account I do not want to loss my money by fraud or bad account managing from brokers.:confused::confused:
Thanks a lot for the help in advance i am in USA.

check out forex saviours thread which constantly updates the brokers that meet the new requirements in terms of their financial backing. You wont go far wrong with any of those

I think acm is the safest broker out there! They are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and they will become a Swiss bank in the next few months so they are part of the FINMA so that means your money is safe!
Good luck:)

I am trading with Kerford Investments and they are safe to invest your money in forex account. They are using MT4 platform which is very reliable.

I use ACM as well it�s a pretty decent broker
regulated; good spreads and I haven�t experienced any slippage or requite ever