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Hi Everyone,

Hope you can help me, I started trading 8 months ago with GKFX, to date no real problems however my account is starting to grow, about £2,000 at the moment from my original £300, so my question is, at the weekend I read a post about not letting your account get too big because CERTAIN brokers will see to it that your hard earned will start to diminish, so my question is, should I be with an ECN broker, I believe GKFX are a MM broker, also at what level should I start to make withdrawals? During the Swiss debacle I emptied my account & had no problems with the withdrawal, of course that was only a couple of thousand, it’s now back with GKFX, SO what to do?

All & any help greatly appreciated.


Why did you start trading with them? Did they treat you good so far? What causes you to change your mind about them? Try to answer those questions for yourself and the best advice I can give you is that if you feel uncomfortable make the necessary adjustments.

HI bear,

Thanks for the reply. I went with GKFX because I took a forex course here in the UK & we used them at the beginning for the £300 cashback which worked well, then I just stuck with them. I haven’t had any real problems with them, so maybe it’s better the devil you know!

I left Auckland in 2006, Titirangi, as soon as I’ve made enough, ‘I’m coming home’. Who do you trade with in NZ?

Thanks, DJ.

Since you have invested already, you need to test the broker by withdrawing and see if you will get paid. Not all post which you read by some brokers are true so you should give a withdrawal a trail and see how far you can trust this broker of yours.

Hi, I am trading with different brokers but none of them are based in NZ. Over the years I have had great experiences with a range of brokers all depending on what you are looking for. I always say that if your broker treats you good there is no need to change, forget the reviews you may read or what others say.


When the SNB did there thing with the euro, I withdrew all my money from GKFX & there was no problem, in my account within 2 days, I have made small withdrawals before without issue, I suppose I am think of when I get up to larger amounts.

However from what you say & it all sounds like good advice, I will stick with them.

Thanks again for your insights.

Just like thelastbear has said, it doesn’t matter who you are with, just be comfortable there. As the broker that suits me might not be what you really need, as we all have different demands and taste.
Just make sure they fulfill basic needs like withdrawal and deposit should be made easy, and that they are regulated where they based.
Check more factors to consider here: How to Trade Forex: How To Choose A Reliable Forex Broker

2K from £300? How long it took to make such beautiful transformations in your account? Your concerns may be justified, it cost nothing for MM to leave you outboard for illegal trading techniques…
If you are so good with your trading why not to diversify and keep low profile? Withdraw 1K open 3 accounts from other good brokers and carry on! Use that trick with Hotforex and Tickmill, don’t draw attention to my trading at all.

Withdraw some money to check you have no issues.

It is a small account so they won’t bother you too much. If you keep making those returns working with more capital then you will soon realise if they want to keep you as a customer or not!

Thanks Profitbaby, more good advice, cheers.

Thanks for that Billy, again good advice.

Yes Richie, I guess we find out eventually who & what’s right for us. Thanks.

There are plenty of good brokers out there, make sure they are regulated and that your funds are seggregated. some brokers even offer additional fund protection. UK brokers have a good regulation.