Safest Website to Start my trading

:slight_smile: Hello to all Pros and Newbies,

My name is Luffy, i would like to know which website is the safest website for me to trade? I heard that some of the website has some problem such as delay about withdrawal. And some people cannot withdraw their money due to bankruptcy…

Is there any recommended website for me to start my trading?? Thanks :slight_smile:


You mean FX brokers? Do you live in the U.S? if so, I think FXCM is way to go. They are a biggest FX dealer in the U.S (correct me if I am wrong).

If you live outside the U.S., Dukas Copy S.A. Bank is would be your best choice.

Hope this help,



I mean i will trade myself. I live outside US, i live in Malaysia.

To compare Dukascopy with, which one is better and safer?

thanks for your answer…:slight_smile:


Definitely Dukascopy, if you only consider those two brokers.

You might want to check 100 Forex Brokers and use their CyberSearch … it allows you to search using many different criteria.


Yes, I agree. Have you ever taken a look at this? Forex Broker Comparison: Compare Currency Trading Brokers Information
I use OANDA, and frankly I am fine :wink:
Good luck guy :slight_smile:

Fxcm gives you free VPS too if you like algorithmic trading - which we do. Saves time watching screens.

AaaFX are pretty good, low spreads, regulated in EU.

We also used iamFX who are also regulated under BVI and hence UK law but while spreads were low the additional costs (swap, commission) were more significant than the all-in spreads from AAAFx.

Check out the School of Pipsology on broker selection for sure - it will tell you all the key considerations (regulation, regulation, regulation). :slight_smile: