Sakuragi's Demo to Live journal

Trade was a loss, i hate it coz it got really close of making a profit, but this confirm my thesis and proved me

Another trade I got , following my strtict strategy did worked very well. hit my TP 1

LONG - TP 1.5R
now its just consolidating.

I had issue with this 2 trades as i couldnt find my SL area… as both pairs spiked up really hard,
so i just based it on my higher time frame .
Im thinking of using FIbb, i dunno, im not used to it yet

getting close on my entry for AUDJPY
no entry yet, waiting form my signal confirmation

No entry yet as it may just retest the trend line, I wanna enter when it closes below it

LOL i missed my entry , as i fall asleep,
it seems the downtrend is pretty strong, ill just wait for a retest on the moving average.

its friday also today, i wont chase it if it doesnt go back to the trend line

Not gonna trade with this AUD JPY after retracement , its past 200EMA already
gonna look for another pair instead,
and besides its friday, lots of things goin on in the weekend

by the way , is this gonna be a BAT, butterfly or gartley pattern?
im kinda lost already about it. but it seems it bounced on 78.6% fib

let me know, ill check it on the weekend

glad didnt chase this pair , it would have been a loss


reason for shorting , touches the trend line, and there was a pin bar right after touching it

just trying to get 2R
but ill move my SL to break even when i get to 1.5R

closed the trade, as it seems it wanna retest the trend line , ill just wait to reenter again later

we will see if it could break the 71

this is the zone im looking at, if it breaks the pin bar, then were Long for this

if it rejects again the trend line, then were gonna short it , coz it seems its weak

for tomorrows trade



i guess this is a FOMO, since it past already the resistance
but we will see
as i dont wanna gamble
goodnight guys

Trade was a loss.,
this is why I or you should not get into FOMO,
and if your set up has passed already, then you should not chase it anymore


changed TP to
TP1 =1R TP2 = 2R

this trade is according to my set up, no FOMO no guessing,
I followed my rules here so hope this work :slight_smile:

Nice TP =1R
moved my SL to Break even

Stopped Out on my Break Even

that rejection on the green candle when it hit my TP1 was a very strong one. si we will see if it bounces off on 200EMA

I still need to find a better risk reward on this trade

Trying to test this break out strat downtrend