Salute to trading experts

Hello everyone, I come from Hebei, China. I am a full-time amateur foreign exchange trader and I am glad to meet everyone. I know a little English and need to use translation software. Learn from everyone and pay tribute to trading experts. Risk control is the top priority for me. The principal cannot be sold out. The position of each order is absolutely under control. The four big characters in front of the monitor (with the same source of profit and loss) always remind me not to take risks.

Account starts at $1000. The first small goal is 2000. Only position risk control, no time limit。

This shows your experience in trading and also the fact that you already have a positive PnL or you will have it shortly. very glad to have you hear.

Welcome to the community, @tangzhezhuanmeiyuan. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Welcome! I’m sure you’ll find a lot of like-minded folks here who are passionate about trading. Looking forward to hearing more about your trading adventures!

Welcome to the community! Hope you get to achieve your first goal! Are you planning to share your progress here?