Sam Bankman-Fried, former FTX CEO arrested, charged with fraud and other crimes

Definitely wasn’t expecting this so soon or at all.

Charged with the following:

  • conspiracy to commit wire fraud and securities fraud,
  • individual charges of securities fraud and wire fraud,
  • money laundering and
    *conspiracy to avoid campaign finance regulations.
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The more I read stories about him, the more I wonder how so many people missed alllll the red flags.

Well, he was all about altruism, a donor to Congress, in with the politicians, came from a great background (parents are professors), was super smart…

Surrounded himself with other smart people… said smart things, got funding from other “smart” people…

Also came from the world of finance, Jane Street Capital. So he’s a very smart guy… who can’t read spreadsheets apparently.

VIDEO: The walk of utter shame. Escorted by police. Also denied bail.

SBF being extradited to the US this week. Should be in NY if you want to go yell at him.

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