Sam Seiden's supply and demand - Does it work?

I’ve just finished watching ALL of Sam Seidens videos on and I’m currently demo testing his strategy.

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who is making CONSISTENT profits with his S&D method??

I know it’s popular and he has a lot of die hard fans (I could almost categorize myself as one too) but I’m yet to come across anyone making money from it week in week out.

Please convince me otherwise :slight_smile:


Please give me the link of Sam Seiden’s supply and demand all video.

Sam Seiden’s strategy won’t work alone. You have to apply Price Action

Absolutely it works. However, there are a few things to remember.

  • It takes experience to be able to identify really good supply and demand zones.
  • You really need patience as the best supply and demand zones don’t come along that often, especially on higher time frames.
  • You need to understand the relationship between different time frames
  • You still need the basic attributes of a successful trader such as proper risk management, position sizing
  • Your exit strategy is just as important as your entry and knowing the higher time frame picture can help with this.
  • to fully benefit, you need to get in as early as possible into the trend and be prepared to ride out the pull backs on the way to your target.

The main issues newbies experience (including myself) are

  • not being strict enough when identifying good supply and demand zones
  • trying to spot tops and bottoms instead of just waiting to enter on a retracement

For the first, its easier if you really understand what is going on in the markets in terms of order flow and how supply and demand form

For the second of these, you’re better off determining the trend on your primary time frame (assuming its clearly identifiable) and then always entering on a pull back to supply or demand ensuring that there is sufficient room for a profit margin up to higher time frame supply and demand. For the entry, a smaller time frame supply or demand zone may be best used if the trend is strong - otherwise the retracement may never trigger your entry. If price is ranging (i.e. no trend) then supply and demand zones on your primary time frame become more relevant.

I can pretty much time my entries to perfection these days, but am only just getting totally comfortable with some of the other factors such as knowing when to take profits, fully understanding the relationship between different time frames and learning not to try and spot tops or bottoms. Hopefully 2014 will be the year it all comes together!

Not strictly true. What I love about his strategy is I can place a limit order days (or longer) in advance and not have to sit watching the charts for confirmation. I generally spend most of my time looking for the best supply and demand zones created in the past so I can set limit orders appropriately. Often I loose track and the limit orders placed and am surprised to see a trade open and in profit when I wake up and check my phone/PC.

I am a student counselor for OTA so I can “factually” tell you YES it works. I joined them specifically to learn how to trade and it’s the best I seen for ME. This is not a promotion in any way, but it was what I was looking for so I decided to go to work for them so I could be around it 24/7. Graemed said it perefctly. It is not a method you read and do. It takes training, practice , patience, and time. But it is worth it. It works across all time frames, styles of trading, and most of all, all asset classes. Blew my mind when I first really got my mind around and started really learning it. It is actually simple, but NOT easy.

Once you can reliably identify the supply and demand zones, then Sam Seidens approach will blow your mind at how reliable it can be. I have been trying to do this for many years with varying degrees of success but no consistency. However, in the last six months I took a slightly different, “personalised” approach than may be he talks about in his webinars and articles. This uses a rule based approach that considers trend and trend changes to identify these important supply and demand zones. By then applying some of his ideas on top of this (for example, whether it is a fresh level) I have suddenly found trading off a chart to be just like reading a book. Its quite an amazing experience when it happens.

Tried his strategy earlier. Not a perfect system every time. But working well when you trade with a reracement to supply/demand zone. I also apply some price action techniques with this method.

Sorry to go necro on this old thread … Anybody trading using Sam Seiden’s methods? Any success?

Sam has a very deep understanding of the markets, and is one of a very limited few individuals who shares his desktop and trades live w/ his own equity on the line - taking substantial positions. Not 100% sure if he does that anymore, but, I know for me, all of the free material on the web he has out there 100% elevated my trading game.

Thanks ForexLimited. I think reading his articles definitely helped me out as well. I’m just a little impatient trying to find S/D levels on 4h and daily timeframes. Was curious if anyone supplemented his approach with other methods, to make up for the times no levels are present.

The key is to define your own “method” of “trying to find S/D level on 4H and daily timeframes”.
Once you define that, apply it over and over (through trading) and you’ll know @ some point whether or not you have a strategy.

When no levels are present = no trades are present.
Check out my thread- I have some trades there that are based off a few of Sam’s key principles.


Thanks Jake! I’ll check it out

He still does, if you buy fxstreet premium sub. Every two weeks. I use his method with 3 ducks. 3 ducks for entry and supply and demand zones as a magnet for price to come.

You can apply this method even on M1 TF or volume based charts. But you have to be very quick to spot and act on just formed supply/demand zones. It is like driving formula 1 cars. First you have to learn how to drive slow cars (slow TFs.)

If he uses only price as a source of data to determine S/L then, IMO its BS. But hope wise money management will save your deposit.

S/L is determined by the depth of the S/D zone, spread, and a buffer based on the chart timeframe. There is a lot more to system and it does makes sense.

i’ve been studying this strategy for about 6 months now and got a question: how many pairs should we trade? i trade strictly forex and am aware Supply and Demand zones strategy works for all markets --forex, stocks, commodities, etc.-- but I feel I’m trading too many pairs and too many correlated pairs. Just wondering what would be the best approach for this? 1-2 pairs? 10 pairs? i know its all subjective but any tips are appreciated.