Same broker for trading forex and indices

are you guys fine?
Do you think that I should use the same broker for trading forex and indices?

in principle, yes

if it’s an honest, reliable, well-regulated brokerage then it’s an honest, reliable, well-regulated brokerage, and a safe one to use for either

my question is why you want to trade indices at all?

are you aware of how much lower the retail trader success-rate is with indices, compared with forex (which doesn’t have a high success-rate to start with!): the difference in overall outcomes is enormous

one of the leading funding companies, which is regularly paying out many millions per month to its funded account holders, recently published information about the traders trying their funding evaluations, showing that those trading indices are by far the worst-performing - and those figures are monitored across huge numbers of retail traders and are a reliable representation of what happens elsewhere, too

so, my question, again, is: why do you want to trade indices at all?

it seems like a pretty sure-fire way of stacking the deck really heavily against yourself, to me

do you mean indices cfd or indices on cme?

Chen is referring to cfd’s, Greg - he means the kind of indices available to be traded through forex brokers, he’s not talking about trading futures, here

I know brokers which offers trading futures and forex, so I wanted precise it.

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The main issues with trading Indices is that not much attention is paid to back-testing charts, if at all, and also much scalping the lower TFs by the get rich quick brigade.

A successful pro trader who has spent most of his life trading indicies is worth looking up. His book is a great read.


It really depends on your comfort and the broker’s offerings. If your broker has competitive spreads and good execution for both forex and indices, why not? But if you find another broker that’s more competitive for indices, it could be worth exploring.

Yeah why not. For example I have access to forex, commodities, indices, bonds at Hotforex if you look for “non-crowded” trades you may need to look at some very specific assets.

Indices are much more volatile and can whipsaw you out of a trade in no time. I occasionally trade US30 (DOW) through my broker, but only when I see a really good setup.

Be prepare to risk more than what you normally would for an FX pair because a wide SL is a must.

Good luck!

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There is no definite answer to whether you should trade FX and indices with the same broker. It ultimately comes down to your trading objectives, tastes, and the unique products of the brokers you have access to.

there a very popular in forex “dont put all your eggs in one basket” but keep in mind the pros and cons, on a personal note, i do trade on hfm and lmfx just to have diversity, its not for all and can be time consuming given that your attention will be split. but in this situation i dont think there is a right and wrong. just do you