SamuelAndCoTrading Samuel Leach Scam? (REVIEW)


I have been in the trading industry for some time now and I was invited by SamuelandCo (Samuel Leach owner of Yield coin) to trade a funded account after completing their course. I was extremely excited but unfortunately it was not how it seemed.

I am creating this thread so if an opportunity like this comes in your trading career you are aware of the possibilities. please do your due diligence.

Here is my Review

Is what happened to me common?

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Samuel Leach has always said he is the only educational provider who funds his own traders and that he has personally invested £2 million into them. I have found out that he isn’t using his own money and he uses blufx services which is available to EVERYONE

Please do your due diligence. I don’t understand why people can’t be transparent.

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I have also recently found out the same information as you and more.

They are selling MT4 pivot points that have a copyright registered to someone else and their cluster indicator, that is for sale for a few hundred pounds, is actually just the Turbo JRSX indicator that is free online.

Thank you for informing me about this. I am shocked at how many people these guys scam and get away it :frowning:

Sam originally attended a 2-day seminar from another company called “learntotrade”.

All he has done is create a similar company but at a cheaper segment of the market, instead of charging roughly £25000 for 2 days worth of fx seminars, he charges about £1500 and stretches the material that he once taught over 2 days to over a week.

He loves to tell the story of how he turned his uni funds into £200000, but he doesn’t mention it was a combination of other people’s funds, not just his original uni funds!

Those flashy cars he owns? Leased.

The entire company is setup to churn out as many “traders” as possible because that’s how they make their main income.
Check out their reed job postings, they’re made to look like genuine trading jobs IF you have the required exp/skills, of course no genuine trader would trade for some unknown company compared to the large private banks or hedge fund companies and Sam knows this.

They also hire headhunting companies to help find potential “recruits”.

So, only people who don’t have the qualifications or job experience will apply for these non-existent jobs. No problem, S&C will train you…for a fee, and then MAYBE you’ll get “investment” - this is how they bait people in with the hope/expectation of a job and then can hide behind their job posting which doesn’t guarantee anything and only advises they’ll provide training if it’s required.

The interviews are not even really interviews, it’s just to get you hooked and to make the whole experience seem legitimate.

Most of the postings on glassdoor are from people who have just begun their week of training, they know no better!

He also falsely states he is a verified trader on myfxbook, yet he has put this under his “Trading Style” - several people have asked why they should trust him/his algo and he states he is verified by myfxbook - this is false as you can type anything under “Trading Style” and a brilliant example of how Sam can be “creative” with facts.

The guy has a major issue with criticism and requires constant reaffirmation from his friends.

You can learn everything he teaches on babypips for free, and as others have stated - his indicators are not made by him.
I had all this info confirmed by someone who used to be part of his company at the early stages.


What attracted you all to this company in the first place? Were there no other reviews from former students/traders or even other traders in the room with you, that you could question about their experiences?

How long did you all last?

Anyone trying to sell you some shitty program like

-“I’ll be your mentor and show you how to make astronomical gains in no time”
-"You’ll be able to trade on our account once you’ve passed our COURSE.

^These are all similar gimmicks that they use to try to drain honest & interested individuals. Why join a course, when you can learn forex for free? Again there isn’t a “holy grail” system and I think that’s what really gets a lot of new traders caught up, believing there is some GOD out there that’s granting over 500% gains on accounts.

Samuel Leach has a big online presence in the UK unfortunately. Not many succeed in forex so we all look for mentors that can guide us along the journey. I don’t even understand because uk newspapers even write about him yet he is not a legitimate trader? how can he get away with that?

Samuel Leach always talks about how he is FCA regulated and that he has verified performance stats on myfxbook. Not anymore …

Also for a FCA regulated firm its a little shady that he encourages people to move their capital to the Australian branch of AxiTrader. Doesn’t that break the FCA regulations?

Please I encourage others to speak up about their experiences even if its good. It’s only fair baby pip members know the facts.

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Just reading this topic once again there are just so many points I would’ve questioned.

  1. If I learned the skills why would I pay that money to “trade” when I could open an account with the same money you’re spending every month on his course/service?
  2. Literally the amount of money going to him every month plus the course fees would be an excellent starting capital for a trader.
  3. A junior trader is still pulling in less money than a minimum wage worker working a full year according to his mathematics. The thing is you can’t make double that account trading 1% especially if you can’t open multiple positions.
  4. 50/50 splits??? Once again why wouldn’t I trade myself and keep all my profits and only pay spread to the broker.
  5. You literally paid all that money & for those courses to split his profits because he’s “lending you capital” which is funny because with leverage applied how much capital do you really have access to?

It sounds like a big turd of a scam. It’s sad these guys are able to get vulnerable individuals constantly with this.


I can only assume inexperienced folks think trading with someone who has a rep will validate their decision to be there, and that there’s some sort of guarantee of future success. A stretch, yes, but people get scammed all day long, every day, all over the world, for various reasons not anywhere as clever as these claims. Plus, if you actually do learn something, then there’s that 1% telling you, hey, I did learn something. Maybe it isn’t a complete waste.

Anyway, not my cup of tea.

Agreed, one of my sources has some of the original content that Sam & Co use to teach people, it’s the same material just rehashed and priced higher.

He’s very good at marketing and appealing to people by seeming like one of the “working men” that “made it” in FX.

This company is a family affair whose business model is to get as many aspiring traders through their training program so they can extract fees and ongoing subscriptions. The demographic they target with their social media promotions are aspirational youngsters who are easily dazzled by the phoney promise of quick riches.
The training program is a mix of basic trading techniques available for free online, some supposed proprietary indicators (also common copies) and a worthless two days of mindset psycho babble. The course price is constantly changing depending on course demand (sliding scale of £400-£1500).
The promise of investiture is a rouse and of the ten students on my course, none have been offered accounts despite many months of dedicated trading. Even those lucky few that are offered accounts are probably unwittingly being funded on a third party account like BluFx or similar. Their promises of easy money through proprietary algorithms and crypto tokens are further attempts at leveraging avarice and relieving you of your hard earned cash. Don’t be duped!
My advice, is don’t waste your time and money with these charlatans. As the adage goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it is!”


I paid £1200 for their junior trader course.
What i learned was so basic, and the prices are just ridiculously over priced. If anyone interested in buying the course, I would say, just type on google, “forex basics knowladge” You can learn alot by your self at home, and put that money into your own trading account and trade. And consider that money you invested in your own course.
I dont think Samuel trades anymore, he just makes money by selling his courses.

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You have to admit it’s a very clever and well thought out “business model”. Just based on the first post: seems all their bets are covered mainly by the little to no risk associated with the trading itself. Be keen to know if it’s even real money???

Somebody told me to look into something like this but when I saw the “pay per seat” garbage I thought nah.

I wonder if anybody has actually done this and made any money (not necessarily with this dude but prop. trading firms in general???

Thing that doesn’t gel with me: you take a novice, train them, and if all goes well you let them loose on your own funds. Why would you do that in the first place??? If your training is that good then why bother running the risk of some newly trained trader maybe losing it psychologically one day and everything going pear shaped??? Or am I missing the concept here (which I will admit is possible given that I’ve not put much thought into this nor really investigated the concept of prop. trading firms).

Aren’t they active here? I thought I saw Samuel himself posting. Unless that’s someone else? :open_mouth:

I know that Learn to Trade is banking. One-time customers who will pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars and then leave because they can’t make money. What does the company have to lose? They’ve already gotten their payment for the “course.”

I was offered an interview for here but I think I will turn it down now. But I have been offered a place at another firm called alphachain capital. Does anyone know of these? They seem a little better as you start with 10k and when you hit 6% your account is quadrupled to £40k and then every time you hit 10% after that your account is doubled.

What’s the catch??? On what basis have you been “offered a place”???

So I’ve been offered a place on the junior trader programme and I will get the capital after I finish the trading course


That’s what I’m trying to find out (this out of pure interest i.e. I’m not trying to make waves here).

Do you have to pay for the course??? Do you have to pay for a “seat” (I’ve seen this before with others)???


Thank you for your help.

So i pay £3000 for the 4 week course ans then i get access to the funds after i complete the course. The maximum draw-down for the account is 4%.

Once the course is completed i can trade remotely and pay a £200 PM mentor fee or work in the office and pay slightly more for a desk.

Let me know if you need any more info

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