SamuelAndCoTrading Samuel Leach Scam? (REVIEW)

Thank you very much for this information

I am a new member so can’t put links in a post but I have all the screenshots.

This chap is interesting. He’s posted a YouTube video claiming to turn 2k into over 300k in around 6 weeks.

Usual bluster, however, he’s got a verified, live myfxbook account

That adds a spanner in the works.

However, it turns out he owns / is involved with this YLDFX broker. So no doubt he’s manipulating the metadata. The link is clear from a now-deleted webpage which shows it’s his bank account his limited company linked to this unregulated, off-shore broker.

I asked him about this on myfxbook but he’s now blocked me.

Can post links when I am authorised.

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Very interesting, post some stuff when you can. Expose these con artists!!

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Do you have any ideas if someone has made the Turbo JRSX indicator for MT5?

Damn… So happy i saw this saved me a lot of time and money thank you to all the people posting and responding with reason. If you type Turbo JRSX on youtube you can literally see that is the exact same thing Samuel has and there is videos from more than 3 years ago honestly what guy in their right mind would copy a free indicator and sell it for hundreds of pounds. Honestly tho when i try to look for the Turbo JRSX Indicator i just see binary scams talking about it.

Also you can only get this indicator on metatrader 4 and you cant install metatrader 4 anymore you can only install metatrader 5 so if you want the actual indicator you’ll have to buy it :confused:

He must have recruited a lot of suckers then, cos his business has just gone from 84K in the bank to 2.1M in the bank.

He’s got a nice cash injection from somewhere.

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The moment everytime I see samuel face on youtube I know he’s a con artist. Very cocky attitude. He seems like he’s the god of trading. Avoid this guy at all costs.

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There are people all over the world who just dont do their due diligence. They then come here and say I’ve lost my money.

Well, you pay 3k, and then they fund you with a max drawdown less than 3k, which means they cant loose. but IF you some how go profit, they earn money.

Its like the 50s when hospitals couldn’t say if it was a boy or a girl, and this company had a money back guarantee on their service to tell the sex, if they are wrong, u get your money back, pretty much 50% of the time they are right.


Daamn son my first post here and this is very interesting…

I’m starting my training soon at the start of November and paid half of the previous fee so they have reduced the registration fee. Coming from a disadvantaged background that money was quite hard to cough up and I even asked to pay in stages :joy: So if this does turn out to be a scam it is quite disappointing…

I have been helped out by a member of the Samuel and Co team and he seemed quite an honest fella but this is quite a shock…

Funnily enough my Parents thought this was a scam and told me why would I be given £20,000. But damn this is quite interesting.

Lol sorry bro. Hope you havent lost too much money. I’m sure you’ll learn something but what you’ll find is you could lhave learnt it for free online. Oh well, good luck! Let us know how you get on.

Maybe you’ll be lucky and learn something useful. just make sure you avoid Samuel Leach. he is everything that is wrong with the forex industry.

Keep us updated on how it goes, we would all like to know

What are the flaws in his trading strategies?

Yes, there are two threads running with different contributors.

I’m just waiting to hear if he is pushing kamikaze strategies which cannot make a profit. Or if they have some valuable points that can be picked up for free.

I’ve no intention of paying for anything. I was hoping to find out if he’s got a strategy with some usable tips I could adopt/adapt. Conversely anything it would be worth not doing.

Is this guy’s name really “Leach”?


Sam, you will Leech.

Too funny!!

:wink: !!!

One strategy is using 50 and 100 moving average. If 50 is below 100 then when stochastic is over bought he gets a signal to sell on his automated system. Its such a basic strategy but when you get a nice red signal on am automated system and he only shows the winners it looks amazing. Stay away from this guy, he’ll show you enough BS to convince you. He had a group on telegram that I followed and a few people had blown their accounts using his fully automated system. So much so he had to release a second version with lower risk parameters to hide the massive drawdown. You cant learn anything from this con artist, infact unlearn anything you hear from him.

Thanks for this. I see.

Yes, Short MA/Long MA/momentum indicator signal systems are simplistic to the point of being dangerous. But that;s not to say they cannot be made to work, they can, but only with intense money and risk management which I suppose is a bit advanced for the people who sign up to this stuff.

So its not a scam, its the basis if a legitimate winning system but nothing we don’t already know about. BUT - without the essential money management elements.