Saturday and sunday candlestick in mt4?

Hi all, could I am big confused I saw my broker’s MT4 there is daily candle stick even for saturday and sunday when i did check in other’s MT4 there is not. Thanks in advance.

It actually depends on the broker. Technically speaking, markets are closed on weekends. however, some broker allow weekend trading. Oanda used to be a broker that allowed weekend trading, but have shut that down. Since there is no quoted price, Oanda makes up its own price and widens the spread significantly to hedge the risks. However, low volumes have caused them to shut down this weekend trading feature because it’s just not worth it. You can read it here.

Brokers can offer weekend trading and therefore you will see the candlesticks, but brokers will have to be the counterparty to those trades unless it can somehow match a counterparty in such low volume.