Saxo Bank walks the walk: continues expansion in Europe and Middle East

It appears that Saxo Bank finally realized that the market won�t remain in its hands forever. From being one of the leading Forex firms Saxo became a pretty boring and content regional player over the past few years. Unlike FXCM and Gain who understood well enough that the market is shifting, changing and moving and you �either keep up with the pace or drop out of the race� Saxo realized this fact only recently.

I speculated that it might make sense for Saxo to dispose of its retail assets and stick to its core institutional clients completely; however Saxo had something else in mind. Last month Saxo announced the establishment of its Dubai office as well as several Eastern European offices. A few days ago it also announced the acquisition of Capital Four Management and 51 % of the share capital of Global Evolution to develop its activities in asset management and added ~$2.65B to its asset management division.

Yesterday it announced plans to expand into Saudi Arabia as alternative investment vehicles grow. Saxo Bank expects to invest as much as $50m in the region over the course of three years.

Forex Magnates

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