Scalper for EUR/USD

Scalping with Expert Advisor

I have a real good profitable EA for Scalping
it make from 90 to 200 % or over 50% monthly for sure
this ea has test on live and demo account
the result same in demo and real account

it work with live with any broker with any spread wirh almost any pairs but best for EUR/USD
I have attach ex4 file of EA please try it and write comments about it (40.7 KB)

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I’m really interested in your system, but since you’ve only posted an ex4, nobody can see the logic. That’s probably why you’re not getting any replies. You’re much more likely to get good feedback if people can examine the logic – when signals are generated, how the money management works, etc.

Taseeeeer Hello!
Thank you for your EA.
Is this your product or you just want to test it? I have set it on demo and I can not believe that is true. The results are amazing!!! All what you wrote is true at this time. I’d like to impose on it on live account, but yet do not dare, because this time I’m not sure yet how about the potential loses.
I mean this is trial version .
Of course I am willing to pay for it, if get results at least some did, as usual. FAP turbo which I testing too is zero against this.
I hope that in future I will not be surprised with great loss.
Do you get us more rat information on this EA?

Hi Taseeeer

Have been trying your Scalper Beta EA for about a week now on demo. It performs very well. Have taken more wins than losses. When it has lost however it has been big time. Is there a way of controlling the Stop Loss on this, find it a bit un-nerving to see 0.00000 initially, although I realise that it does adjust itself.

Think you need to show more info on the settings side of things.

Look forward to trying any updates you may bring out.


Can somebody help a newbie. I downloaded it but can´t get it to work.


You must copy unpacked file in program files/metatrader Alpari/experts.
Then open metetrader and in expert advisor find beta scalper. Drag it into frame. In properties common must mark allow live trading, allow dll imports and allow import of external experts.

In properties you can also make stop loss.

I test this EA one week and its works with amazing results. Maybe so good that can be true on live account.
In this moment I have not any loss and I don t now how deep lose it make when it comes to major changes value.
Maybe Taseeeeer can tells us more about this EA!?

Does the Stoploss feature not work? I set it to 50 and still never hits nor does it put any SL levels on the chart.
In the end it can’t overcome 400 pip drop in EURUSD and fails in a backtest ending on 08/13/10.

This is very dangerous if anyone even thinking of using this EA on a Live account. One of the reasons the results look so fantastic is no SL.

yes, its definitly no SL is condition and couse that results is that amazing! But Taseeer was explain me, that in full version we can set SL, lots ect.
But in this case I must testing diferent settings longer period before set EA on live account.

In fact, when I analyze entry and exit positions, I notice that the Scalper EA significantly better strategy and the right choice moments, such as for example FAP turbo.

Thank you Marjan,
I think I got it in place but it stays gray when the other two experts are green. I did drag it on to the chart and I get the symbol up in the right hand corner but I still think something is wrong. When I get it there, how do I use it?

Im trying it on a demo and after one day it seems to always be guessing wrong. It often ends up taking two trades and closes one in profit but the other is way out of profit. like the first trade ends up being minus 49 pips and the second one ends up being +3 pips. that cant be good.

It has taken a lot of trades.

Ok its doing a lot better today. but still lets the trade go a long way against you at times.
Ive set the TP to 10 and that turns out to be $1. is that because I have a 5 digit broker?

its been down over $30 just to get that $1, It also looks like when market moves in the direction of the ea that I only gain $0.10 per pip however when it move against the ea it show $1 per pip. cant figure what I need to do.

since I changed the TP to 100 which is $10 it has preformed a lot better, The TS now kicks in and most trades are profitable. The only concern I have it it still lets the trade go against it 30 or 40 pips.
Im testing this on Alpari.
Is anyone else still testing it?
Ill show the statement at the end of week.


Oh yes and it does take a lot of trades

hi for some reason i cant download the ea… any ideas?


Looks good in demo, if i set all time trade on threu… what will happen?

i have it on a demo fxdd, it make 6 trades last night…in my screen i see. take provit = 40

I have it also on demo fxcm…nothing in the screen and did 19 trades last night…

so it depends on broker what kind of trades he makes… and depends on spread?

will test it for a week and then if it keeps making profit, will test it on live…



I let it trade on Sunday and its in profit. I still have profit set to 100 with 5 digit br4oker thats equal to 10. On alpari heres the statement. not bad.

is it free?

yes its free.

It had some struggles early this am.


Would you mind giving us a discription of what effects the different settings have.

Is there a way to make it not take two trades at a time?

And how can you change the trainling stop.

What does SetRevStopOrd do?

need more days to test