Scalping. Can human succeed in scalping?

Many people are talking about scalping method.
However I think it is very risky and no one have made brilliant success in scalping.
What do you think?

I am a scalper and day trader. Give this a watch and you tell me.

And yes I try to turn my scalps into day trades, etc.

scalping can be more profitable but of course you have to make sure real money management , otherwise the result of trading could be dangerous.

yes but this short time trading approach contains huge risk and i always like to avoid.

Only huge risk, if you do not know what you are doing.

In short term, probably you will be profitable, not likely In the long term. Regards Greg

now i am doing scalping by EUR/USD, GBP/USD. sounds really good still now

yes this is good for scalping above all due to comfortable trading spreads.

It’s possible yes, personally I don’t - but I know a few successful people.

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