Scalping Strategies?

Anyone got any scalping strategies that’s been working long term? :slight_smile:


This is so simple it has to be worth a look -

scalping contains huge risk and losses ,
but if you have good knowledge then ,
there is a chance to bring good result.

if you love doing scalping , should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.

its a good and profitable trading strategy but so many brokers dont allow this approach in there platform.

Simple enough Have you tried it??



Hey tommor

Just applied those EMA settings on a chart to see how it looks and I they appear to be too close to work.

However I readjusted the EMAs to 60 40 20 and that may work. It looks like you would get decent setups on those settings.



I’ve tried it for a month or so, but I’m inexperienced (and terrible) at day-trading. I couldn’t make money at it but I can’t understand why - maybe only because I don’t know what I don’t know. A more experienced or “natural” day-trader might really do well with this.

You have to trade what you are comfortable with. I like day trading but use a completely different strategy to this. I am always curious of different strategies and will look at them but I will never trade with them.

Enjoy the weekend.



Does this class have a good result? If you or someone who really learned from this teacher please share a bit about it.

Look at his Youtube channel - ForexSignals TV.

I hate day-trading, no use asking me if this strategy’s any good. But some of his clips are useful.

Same for me. I can interested in it, but I would appreciate some reviews before.

I like getting in and out quick :slight_smile: