Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

Easy money again this morning!

This was a fun thread to be a part of, but the knowledge gain has ceased, and the tapioca eating trolls have taken over.

@AmericanTrader thanks for this, and best of luck trading. See ya around.

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I could talk about my buy trade on Eur/Gbp.

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Thanks JD for all you have contributed. I definitely do hope to see you around.

I do suggest to anyone reading this that posters can be blocked so you won’t see their posts anymore.
Click on their avatar and select “Ignore forever”.


Can we ALL just get back to this strategy (strategies) and working together to make money together please? There is no perfect system that exist with 100% win rates, just asks the banks who seem to screwing up their well honed systems very well at the moment? It’s about increasing the probability of a winning trade with small losses along the way. This system might not work for you as it’s about timing and taking chances on whether there will be a continiuning trend or not to follow and a finger on the exit trigger at all times.


Also report this person to the moderators on here.


Hi I’m new here and I’m looking to test this strategy. But I’ve been seeing new weaks to it as I keep scrolling. I was hoping I could get the latest tweaks and or settings and how you do the multiple time frame analysis please. Thanks in advance @AmericanTrader

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Hi Art.
Thanks for visiting and posting.

I’m afraid you may get different answers depending on who you ask.

The strategy is technically unchanged. However, I think many of us are also using it on other major pairs and using additional signal filters, such as the 100EMA. My personal experience is that it will be important for you to look for signals near the session openings for London and New York, and after high impact economic news.

There have also been discussions about other strategies, which I think is a great addition to the thread too.

Bottom line is I hope we will grow as traders and get better together. I like a looooot of signals. So lately I do a different strategy on Mondays and Fridays, and the channel the other days (that’s the schedule anyway, whether I stick to it or not).

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Thankyou so much for the insight I hope we all grow together as traders and be financially free



Me too.

Btw, I should have mentioned that more experienced traders may want to look at the 1 minute timeframe as well. Using the PSAR at 0.0009 / 0.07 for stop loss placement. Its a deeper stop loss so potential for larger loss, but I think it provides more wins.

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That is precisely what I’ve been looking for I’m trying to dig that nugget up out of the ground here.

Opening of a trade is probably the most complicated thing to do in the world and never one place in 1500 posts have as anyone in this thread came out and stated I am entering such and such trade at Price x.

Instead the op tells me it’s none of my business and he doesn’t owe me anything.

So I’m done I’m over if you don’t want to teach me fine I’ll cancel my account here and I’m gone I’m done.

When I’m comfortable enough I’ll definitely try the 1min tf. Also, just out of curiousity were you able to break even ? Cuz I felt bad when I read the part you mentioned loosing about have your starting balance as of last year’s thread. Been rooting for you. @AmericanTrader

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Thanks for the concern, Art. I appreciate it.

I’m recovered and have been able in just the last 6 months to be much more consistently profitable. Even today my second trade was a 60 pip loser, but I recovered it in minutes and had a nice profitable day. Had I been using the channel strategy, I would have avoided most of that loss in the first place… Its why I don’t use large lot sizes on my typical trades. So I can recover losses more quickly.

I have been profitable most every day I trade now, and I miss out on at least 100 pips a day by not being able to do this full-time yet. Trying to get to the place where I can. Maybe in a year or two.

Just remember to quit for the day when you are ahead I think it sets one up for better trading decisions the next day.

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Thank you for the tip. (quit while ahead ). But I’m not familiar with this channel strategy. Do I just slap trend channels along side the moving averages and the monitor the whiye and yellow one or…?

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By “channel strategy” I just meant the strategy outlined at the beginning of the forum thread. So, yes. Just slap the trend channels and emas on the chart. I like adding the PSAR too.

Like any strategy, I’m sure it will need to be tweeked here and there as market conditions change. I bet this is going to be a strange trading year.


another “free, basic indicator” not based on moving averages :slight_smile:

there are loads of them, apart from the Donchian, mentioned above: RSI, ATR, ADX, DMI, and so on - none of them “based on moving averages” at all

sorry for the interruptions in your thread, AT, but sometimes it’s worth correcting some of the silly misinformation posted here by people who might otherwise look to inexperienced members as if they actually know what they’re talking about


Don’t give it another thought, flamingo.

Glad you are here and looking forward to any time you post!

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Parabolic SAR is a technical indicator developed for analyzing the trending markets . It is constructed on the price chart similar to Moving Average,

My final trade for the day will be USDCAD

Entry - 1.36768 (now)
TP 1.37066 (29 pips) (I move it with the 1Hr 50ema, so just trail this)
SL 1.3645 (30 pips) (1% risk) Spread is going to be really big in 3 hours so be careful of being swung out.
** I do not place actual stops on my chart unless I am walking away for extended periods of time. I will close after re-evaluating price action if price goes to my stop.

Edit 1: Trade closed +17 pips

There are 2 long channel signals for this on the 1 min chart. 1 Hour chart is at support and we had high volume 2 hours ago.

Not trading advice but that is what I am doing. Even if I lose this trade I am already up for the day and will stay positive, so this is my risky trade of the day.

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On the subject of entries, yes there is no definitive answer for them but I have this indicator here that might help based on the ATR? I know others have spoken about this but at the time I didn’t know it was called ATR when I added it as I fiddle all the time on TV.

Anyway I was using it and then forgot about it until just now, especially as I am still having problems on entry even today I missed a big run. So on AT’s system say you saw point 1 on the chart and missed it which happens all the time, then you are wondering where to enter. In this example on the 1 min chart you would enter at 1.07220 and your you would set your stop loss at where the ATR is at the time, so in this case it’s at 1.07200, so a stop loss of 20 points. Do the same with the sell using the red line above the candle as your stop loss.

On a 5 minute chart then your stop loss is going to be bigger though, but your potential returns could be higher.

It does however make for a crazy villas chart, but you could toggle this on and off as you trade? I think that is the reason why I stopped using it as I couldn’t see everything properly.

The name of the indicator which can be configured is ATR Stop Loss Finder by VeryFid

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Eur/Cad looks good too.