Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

FOMC may be a catalyst

I entered a mini-trade on a Eur/Usd long with TP at 200 pips.
It just looks like a fun trade to watch.

Don’t look at me, JD.
You know I close early all the time :grinning:

30 pips is a great win in my book.


Looks exhausted here for now. Maybe another leg on the open

It’s all about banking those points though as boring as that might sound now? :rofl:


Euro ( I’m a man, but in my best female voice)

“I told you so”. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Got the Usd/Cad bounce!

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i agree in principle, because what you lose in win-rate (and you will lose something in win-rate) you’re very likely to more than gain in trading frequency, because of the non-linear relationship between time and volatility

you can if you have a broker with infinite granularity (e.g. Oanda, and there are others) so you can do the tiniest trades

but if you’re going to trade a micro-lot (or anything bigger) you really need at least a $250 account to be able to do so safely

good attitude, i’d say (i know you weren’t asking me - i’m only interfering!)

a real, live, funded account is arguably better than a demo if you can afford it, and if you can trade somewhere in really tiny sizes, you probably can afford it

either way, don’t forget that the primary purpose of such accounts (demo and/or tiny) is to gain experience, not to make money

good luck!

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If you are serious about that particular statement the screenshot you see below is what is possible on a balance of US$200.00 and that is not a demo account. And keep in mind that there are other trades for today above these shown here. Do the math.


Up 14 pips on Eur/Jpy

Better close my Usd/Cad. 45p

Eur/Jpy - closing early for 20p

Today was a good day.

Tomorrow I will be trading based only on PSAR 0.0009 / 0.07

Here is today’s Eur/Cad on 1M. Any beginner trader would have made 100 pips.

You can see the Adaptive EMA red line running along the bottom of the price movement. It would also have produced a massive win. It incorporates the 200 moving average into its calculations.

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Nice work my friend. PSAR saved me from getting chopped this afternoon

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Yup. Using it makes you nervous and start doubting yourself, doesn’t it? I always think about how may trades ended up as losses when not using it though.

Having the discipline to stick to it, I think, is a sign that we have mastered the psychology of trading.
Every day, I look at the charts and at least 9 out of 10 times, it provides a great win.

using an ea? if so maybe my beliefs about ea’s are wrong haha

There is a potential short trade opportunity on GBPNZD for 30-100 pips. There was a lot of strength to the upside on this pair and may now be dwindling for a pullback. An EMA Channel signal has not occurred yet on the 1 hour but it may happen later today.

T1 somewhere around 1.965
T2 somewhere around 1.9575

What kinda spread you guys and gals get on GBPNZD?

I’m seeing 5.2 right now, dropped to 3.3 for a second, but sticking around the high 4s and low 5s.

Wouldnt the spread vary depending on what time of day it is? For example when the market opens after the weekend as against when london and NY overlaps?