Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

Just closed a win (PSAR on Eur/Jpy 15M chart). 2 entries. I for 31 pips and 1 for 29.

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Here is the volume indicator for MT4 with buyers and seller’s volume. I did not make this. It came from a poster on Forex Factory, so take the usual precautions.
I just used it to make my last win. Based on using it for a few days now, If you see 3 or more buyers and zero sellers: Price is probably going up. If the buyers are 7 or higher with zero sellers, that candle is moving up pretty good. It reached 14 and then 22 buyers to zero sellers and that’s when a big green candle formed.
TicksSeparateVolume.ex4 (14.6 KB)

Here is a Heiken Ashi button made by the same poster.
Heiken Ashi AutoWidth (Andrea).ex4 (17.8 KB)


Euro/usd long position doing well.

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Closed at only 11 pips profit.

yup - unexpected reversal, there

still, a plus is a plus :slight_smile:

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Got caught going the other way. Was getting too confident and open a short NOT using the system. Sad face. Welp, you learn.

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Overnight my Nzd/Usd long hit for 15 pips profit. Otherwise, sleeping in today cost me HUGE on all my other pair

Magnificent pippage this morning using one minute euro/usd with 25 and 150 EMA crossover with PSAR.

A truly great day.

If everyday was like this I would only be posting once in awhile from one of my vacation homes.

Probably the big one.


My post above is with the PSAR at my latest favorite setting for these 1M charts.
0.0009 / 0.015. Its a little tighter at the end but still gives enough room for most SLs.

And you just get in on the switch, right?

I was getting in after the ema cross and using PSAR as SL.
Could have entered on PSAR change. Seems to work either way.

I like easy!

Hope you had a good day too.
I’m at the point where I am just a few dollars short of my monthly goal and hoping I don’t blow it tomorrow :grimacing:

And then you can take a vacation!

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There were a lot of pairs that were great for profits today.
I closed this buy one I had running overnight waaaaaaaay too early (again, because I was close to my goal). If I left it open, I’d be well on my way to next month’s goal.

Yea I was up almost 100 pips on USDJPY yesterday and early today and then got cocky. Shoulda closed the trade right then in there. It came back to bite me and then I revenge-traded to get back the lost pips. That didn’t go well.

Not too happy with myself.

I cannot cast the first stone.
We’ve all been there…and we’ll all do it again. :crazy_face:

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Little loss.

Little loss.

Big win.

This pattern seems to repeat itself most mornings, doesn’t it?

Add 10 for the sell

Now waiting for next PSAR change to the upside.

Still trading? Aren’t you normally away around this time?

I am. I’m driving right now.
Add another seven pips for one more sell and euro/jpy. Now still waiting for the PSAR change to the upside