Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

Hey AT, what indicators have you got exactly going on this chart as they look different to some of the other charts that you have posted? So EMA 25, EMA 150, PSAR and TicksSepartedVolumeDiff and which other ones?

I have:

PSAR with Trend and Alerts: Set to 0.0009/0.015
Follow the Line (red/green) set to 100
0-chart symbol (from the Forex Factory forum for 1M counter Trade)
Pip Counter (from the Forex Factory forum)
Heiken Ashi button (from the Forex Factory forum
Tro-Mynotes (from Forex Factory forum
SupDem (Supply and demand level) button (from Forex Factory forum
MTF MA-Cross - Set to 25 and 150
Ticks separate volume (forex Factory forum

You could say I was missing a few indicators then :joy:

Thanks for this list.

Haha Rock.

I don’t know why your comment made me laugh out loud, but it just did.

I guess it’s just cuz I know your sense of humor now.

The strategy worked great again this morning. Sorry I can’t be with everybody to make a little more money yet today.

I do have, in my opinion, these words of wisdom.

I think this PSAR / crossover that I’ve been using is a fantastic training tool. The more I think about the fact that you have to set a stop loss that is often going to be 30 pips away from your entry. The more I think about the discipline that comes from trading this way. The discipline to know that you will hit that stop loss maybe even twice a day. But you will still make a lot of money. I believe mastering this completes the phase and takes one from novice trader to experienced, and successful.

And remember, you always have the option to close the trade while in profit once you see that gap between the 25 and the 150 leveling off or narrowing that’s where that art comes in again.


Just finished my work assignments for the day so I looked at the charts. Looks like it might have been a difficult Trading day.

Unless you went with king of forex strategy. In which case you killed it.

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Hi AT. I have the morning free to trade. So I’m going to try your strategies again in my demo account. Over the weekend I tried the 32 EMA channel strategy using Trading View’s rewind feature, but again I got chopped up and the winners weren’t big enough to make up for the losers. I’ve had the same experience when forward testing the strategy in the past. This morning I’m going to try the 25/150 EMA PSAR strategy. I’ve noticed a few different strategies you’ve used on the thread. Four months into this thread, which strategies would you say are your favorite, and why? Thanks in advance!

Several beautiful signals on the 5M charts using the PSAR Crossover.

This is my favorite for the time being. (The 25/150 PSAR is what I mean by PSAR Crossover).

I’d be up another 50-100pips if I was still trading today.

Eur/USD gave up 70+ pips from the ema crossover(orange/green).

USD/JPY gave up 60.

Eur/JPY. Had 2 great signals for another 50+

Gbp/JPY 2 signals for 50+.

EUR/USD was trending nicely today. I did win a nice move using the 25/150 PSAR. It seems to be a little less prone to whipsaws. I’ll keep testing it.


Awesome, Moose.

That was the best signal of the day.

You guys might want to check out this guys levels here for different currencies and instruments?. He has an indicator which he is selling and these levels work with his indicator but you can use them for your general trading.

Just download the file and upload the template for the relevant currency on MT4 or manually copy the levels in to Trading View. They are pretty accurate from doing tests over the last couple of days. At the start of a new week he uploads new ones.

Here the levels have been marked on TV on the euro.

I appreciate your sharing all your “secrets” here. :grinning: From the beginning, I noticed the time axis of your charts didn’t look like Eastern time zone. Is there a reason why you want to keep different time zone on your chart than where you live? I believe you said you live somewhere in Michigan or at least in EST. Just curious.


Good morning.

I asked IG if I could change the time zone on my MT4 charts and was told I could not.

I am in the Eastern US time zone.

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I took a second entry off the green 25 EMA bounce off of the orange 150. Worked out nicely. The bounces are one of the best signals

I hope many people took advantage of the easy money on Eur / Usd on the one minute chart.


@AmericanTrader hello again. I’ve just gotten a little break from exams only to find a different strategy from the first one with 4 ema’s. Is this one with the 25 and 150 ema a mod on the previous one or entirely different. If different, can you please roughly estimate what the win rate is compared to the other one. :pray: Also I wanted to lookup that king strategy but I’m pretty sure I have the wrong results. What’s the full name of the strategy or if you could , share a link to a YouTube video or blog/forum

hello, good morning, I’m reading your strategy now.
if you like I could try the coding of this system, the possibility could also be a mixed use, automatic and manual.
for an adequate coding, however, a very detailed explanation of the inputs is needed (for now) as I can’t understand the signals of the various indicators, white ema for example.( When White crosses both greens = ENTER, wich direction?) if you like it even with a private exchange by mail, tell me in detail the rules for entries so as to create a code that will obviously be shared if you want. Good day


High art

The strategy with the 25 and 150 EMA is completely different. It requires a bigger stop loss and the potential for larger losses. I would consider it at least an intermediate level Trading style. I have no data on the win rate for it is. It is the strategy that I prefer using.

For traders who want to limit or eliminate losses, I suggest using the channel strategy with the 32 EMAs and the 14 and the six.

For the King-. Do a YouTube search with " king of forex " to find his channel. His strategy is for all levels of trading experience. He does not use a stop loss, although you certainly could if you wish. The win rate on this strategy, once mastered, is about as close to 100% as you can get.