Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

I closed here.

Lets see how many pips I lost out on.

Sigh :persevere:

It’s just mechanical trading, get your 10 pips and then wait for the next signal!

Yeah yeah.

I’ll take the pips.
I’ll try to be happy. You’re right. It was the right thing to do for some easy money on a Friday.

Psychology sucks.

Trading is just a game against your own emotions of fear and greed. That’s what I have worked out anyway.


Status on my daily chart trades from a couple of weeks ago:
Still waiting…

Are you lining up down at Walmart for the Black Friday specials today?

The Mrs will be.

I’m in charge of feeding myself and putting up 2 cabinet doors.

Is she going to get a new MK handbag? Michael Kors 35F1GTVT3L Jet Set Travel Large Chain Shoulder Bag, Tote Bag Leather Luggage, Female -

The Lucky Reversal Indicator keeps flicking on and off which is great when you have committed to a trade :rofl:


My opinion is I would not trust it more if it lied to me and did not change when price direction changed. As I play with it, i’m trying to decide if I wait for a second candle for confirmation?

However, the 123 indicator does not seem to do that, and it looks like it will get us a candle or 2 profit just about every time.

Sage advice.
So true.

I just got stopped out on the euro trade because of the false Lucky signal. Should have checked the indexes first as the DXY was -0.20 and the euro is +0.02 at the time. This has now changed to -0.25 and +0.04. So game over! Euro is on a breakout now.

Sorry about that, Rock.
I haven’t had a trade open since that last win.

I don’t see the signal for sell on the M1 or M5. Was it the Lucky Reversal indicator?

Looks like Order Block and 123 had Buy signals.


Based on observation, the Lucky Reversal indicator needs a deeper SL because it has a longer interval.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Just something to keep in mind. Bigger profits, but a little more risk.

Here’s one just now that maybe we wait for the 123 Sell signal before jumping in?

I’m not going in on this one.

This is showing signals that make thousands in 2 days.

Confluence of Order Block, and Lucky Reversal…with a double bottom thrown in for added confidence of continued momentum.

Notes from the TMA MACD indicator page:

How to trade successfully with TMA Moving Average Convergence and Divergence MT4 Indicator?

The indicator calculates the MACD values using the next higher time frame than the current chart time frame. As a result, provides trading signals based on the next higher time frame trend. Staying in the trend direction of a higher time frame helps the trader exploit fluctuations in the current chart time frame.
Buy and sell signals are provided when the MACD histogram changes its color. This colored MACD indicator indicates the trend changes easily identifiable by both new and advanced traders. Trading with higher time frames tends to be more rewarding than the lower timeframes.

How to get the best signals using crossover in the TMA MACD indicator for MT4 ?


The indicator can generate signals based on the MACD values’ crossover above a predefined Hot level instead of the traditional MACD Zero line crossover. These predefined Hot levels help technical traders to eliminate noise and avoid trading signals generated by smaller fluctuations. However, these levels vary with timeframes and currency pairs and their volatility. So, Traders should test and identify Hot levels at their discretion for successful trading.

The markets are considered bullish above the MACD Hot level and bearish below these levels. Arrows drawn on the charts provide Buy and Sell signals on the bullish and bearish crossovers.


The performance of TMA MACD indicator for Metatrader 4 may not be up to the expectations of traders during ranging markets.
The indicator provides signals upon the crossover of the Moving average Convergence and Divergence values above Hot levels. Therefore the Hot level value needs to be custom calculated for every currency pair. In short, Traders cannot use the same Hot level for all the trading instruments.


The TMA MACD indicator for MetaTrader successfully reduces the lag in moving averages and therefore, adds more support to Moving Average Convergence and Divergence calculations. It is thus capable of providing the forex trader with successful trading signals in higher time frames.

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Luckily the trade was on demo as there’s too much going on today here to do it for real.