Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

Wow anybody on the charts just now with CPI release? 60+ pip moves on USD pairs on the ONE minute chart. Tight stops in the wrong direction would have been hit quick!

Makes the case for not trading the news, at least not right on the data release.

Looks like JPY moved .24% down on the news release too.

I chose,…,. unwisely

80 pips down the drain.

That was the first time I tried to trade the news in a while. Looks like I still suck at it.

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Oh man, I have a GBPUSD trade back in my direction that was down big. Now more manageable.

And picking up 20 pips on EURUSD just now.

Opened a USDCHF long about 5 secs too late, just as price shot up.

GBP strength and JPY weakness is hurting me right now too.

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Yeah all of my other open trades just got in a better position too.


Do we ride Euro/USD back up?

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Haha that’s the question right? I seem to get these wrong more than right.

95 pip move though this morning. We don’t move in a straight line for too long.

Maybe back up to Friday’s or last week’s lows and then back down? Don’t know.

I’m already in for a while, since it seems to be fairly stable at the moment. No TP or SL for the time being.

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Recovery mode successful.

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Hi [quote=“rocktrucker, post:3212, topic:970430, full:true”]
Is anyone willing to help me perfect this system?

It is based on AT’s Cap Channel strategy and grid trading.

I have been running this for 10 trading days since the 9th January and it’s making £1300 a day based on 0.3 lots. It has NO LOSSES either.


The overall profit so far is this:-

It can be run 24 hours a day and even during news (which is even better for the strategy as it takes out loads of positions quickly in profit.

It’s not very intensive and does not involve looking at the charts very much. The only slight drawback is that you have to keep tapping new trades into phone as the profitable ones keep hitting their target profits all the time, which is like playing an addictive game on your phone, fun but can also be exhausting. However this could be automated once the rules have been finalised amongst us. The rules so far are very simple to follow.

I have been sharing my daily progress with AT, but he can’t really take part in the testing as he is restricted to trading in only one direction under US FIFO rules, which he is gutted about.

All I ask is can you PM on here and be prepared to text chat with me on WA as it’s much easier and faster to collaborate that way than on here. Actually I could make a group on WA and add you all in and we could chat there as that will be even more effective.

I am not going to ask you for money or anything dodgy like that as this is all being tested on DEMO only first anyway.

Once we have worked everything out behind the scenes together, I will then present all of the perfected strategy back to you guys on here so that you can take advantage of this potentially Killer trading system.

Will this work with Prop Firms? IDK as this will depends on their margin requirements, but this is something we can work on together.

So who wants to be a beta tester then?

Hi rocktrucker,

I’m a bit late to the party but would be interested in testing this system if you are still doing it. Cheers!

why do you want to perfect a system thats giving you $ 1300 a day?

Hello, very interesting, could you post the strategy please, I will be happy to try it, I am also inventing something based on the kof strategy

Hello Guys, Can someone please explain how did you put the 25 high and 25 low EMA into the MACD window, because I can’t.



From the indicator drop-down menu, click and drag the moving average down to the oscillator window and release. You will get a pop-up and you need to select add to “previous indicator”. Then you will need to click on the moving average and change it from previous indicator to “high” or “low”. Repeat if you want to place a second one…

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Hi @AmericanTrader.

I stumbled upon this strategy today and took a glance at the charts with it’s indicators. It looks good as there are times you can catch a trend early.

I got a question: What is the purpose of having two entry signals 6EMA and 14EMA?

Can we just use 6EMA or 14EMA and ignore the other one?



I believe any strategy can be adapted to suit a trader better.

The 6 could be used if a trader is satisfied with a quicker in and out of a trade. I know a legitimate strategy is simply to use the 8 and open a long trade when price is over it and a short if price is under it. I think the Cap Channel enhances that strategy too.