Scalping strategy to finish the year strong

Envelopes here on my phone (D1) are at 25 with a 25 EMA for center line.

I’ll give that a shot. Lots of indicators do similar, but it’s always like, try to read the indicator details to see how they work, are they tied to specific time frames, or do they work for whatever is set.

I’ll give the manual lines a try!

Yea, this looks better. With some of the TV indicators, the envelopes, even with your settings, weren’t even close to what your images show.

Some examples of Entry/Exits on the D1 channel

Left side of red vertical line shows aggressive trading style.
Right side of red vertical line shows less aggressive.

MACD saves you from some false signals.

Man, lots of options. To summarize, pick one of the blow:

  • EMA crossover
  • Cap Channel
  • EMA crossover + CAP Channel
  • Envelopes
  • Supertrend + VWAP

And then add the following:

  • MACD
  • tick volume or some other indicator display changes in buyer v seller volume

Nice pullback.

Let’s see if I get the full $200 or close with less profit if its in good shape by Friday.

Prepared to let it ride if price retreats further.

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Closed Cad/Nok long and placed new pending order in case of pullback.

Plenty of room for bullish movement over next several days.

Closed Eur/Nzd long.

July 20-0

Closed Nzd/Nok long

Open trades:

A quick 15 pips on a Friday.

Don’t close just because I did.

Still no losing trades in July.

Today breaks 2024 monthly profit record of June.

Playtime begins.

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Closed for 10 pips

Don’t close just because I did

Nzd/Jpy is down 60 pips. Will let it run into next week.

Pending Buy order on Eur/Jpy. Hopefully will activate early next week.

Congrats! What an achievement.

Thank you, Samewise.

I hope your month is going well too!