Scalping with ichimoku (avoid false signals)

I am very new to scalping and am trying to figure out how to use ichimoku for quick trades within a few minute to max about an hour. How do you avoid false signals and what time frame is best. Also how do you use chikou span to set support and resistance.

Hi JSai23

I am not that familiar with Cloud trading so I don’t know how to scalp using such an indicator. What is your definition of a scalp trade?? 5 pips 10 pips 20 pips?? The reason I ask is that I have done scalping and find that just using price action is the most effective way of entering and exiting trades. I personally prefer to swing trade. Scalping may be fun but as a successful strategy your win loss ratio has to be very high and that can be hard to achieve especially if you are new to trading.



use a scalping robot. it’ll cut your losses and make your life easier. if you consider that now there are plenty of platforms to create, it remains only to choose . can MT4 or Designer, all in your hands.
most importantly, do not worry and believe everything will turn out, do not be afraid of mistakes, they develop knowledge. Good luck