Scalping with small account

Hi guys. I was reading through post and people were saying it’s impossible making large profits with small account size, especially when you’re scalping. One person was saying that it took him two yrs to double a 7000 dollar account into a $14000 account…which I think is a load of bs. Is it possible to make large profits with a small account???..Well if you can’t manage a small account what makes you think you can manage a big account.?:man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:
I’ve made a $1000 from 10 bucks within a month
I’ve got a cousin he doesn’t take fx seriously but when he trades he starts with $3or less in his account and makes $60 to $150 overnight everytime he trades volatility index
But there’s 1 mf who caught my attention 2weeks ago he works in a gadget store in harare, Zimbabwe. I saw him analysising charts, we had a conversation and i asked him which assets he trades. He said VIX and he’s about to enter God mode. He told me to take a sit if interested watching him trade so I did…he set up a 30 min timer…and in his Deriv account be had 59 cents…you ain’t going to believe me…I didn’t believe it either even though watching it with my eyes…he scalped usd4000 in 20 mins just like that and he was laughing like a mad man…I didn’t finish watching him trade I was shocked and a bit pissed…what does this guy got that I don’t have??? Its frustrating watching someone do such amazing things and to him 4000 ain’t nothing if you can make it from 50cents. He gave me his contacts and said he’ll teach me to trade like him for free but unfortunately I lost them :broken_heart: :pensive:
Point is its absolutely possible to make profits from small accounts all it takes is discipline, consistency and skill. You earn skill from experience and experience is not something you’re taught but acquire through practice. So keep practicing and improve your skill.


Yes, I think it probably is.

If I were you, I’d put $300 into one of those “family and friends” accounts, link it to his $3, and make $6,000 to $15,000 overnight every time he trades. And that’s even with no compounding at all.

I might even pay him to trade more often, too.

I’m not sure I’d spend my time posting in forums, though: I’d be too busy on my Caribbean yacht.

Well, i don’t really think you should ask people of forums aobut what to do with your money and the thing with small amount accounts is that it will take relatively more time to grow it and start making really good money. The whole point comes down to a question whenter you are a beginer or not cause if you are you propably shouldn’t jump into 4,5 figures accounts and keep it low to really start to feel markets but if you are experienced trader then man do whatever you want and remember to keep it green :slight_smile: :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings:

Don’t be disheartened on this because he’s just made out of luck with over leveraged himself. You can get away with it once in a while, trying your luck to flip like 100$ to 10000$. But, try to flip 100k$ to 100mil$. If you made it good for you. But, if luck is running out and you lose all of the 100k$. I’m not surprised if you ended up hanging yourself in you room or maybe shooting yourself in a hotel like the late legendary Jessie Livermore. If you have study about him, yes, there are lots of things happened in his life also (family crisis). But, I also noticed that he actually over leverage himself without realizing it maybe. I don’t know.

Leverage is a double edge sword. If it’s working in your favor, great. But if it isn’t, it’s sudden death.

To make big profit out of small capital, traders have to take high risk and that risk has to work that rarely happens.

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Why do so many new traders think that unless they make a million they are failures?


Your expectation was somewhat big which shouldn’t have been! However, everything is luck.

Every new traders expectations are big because trading looks easy. There is no fixed science to it however, you can win more than you lose on average. In all honesty trading with a small account means you have to use a micro lot and trading becomes more like a hobby and past time. I would not rely on any “income” with peanuts in your account. You’re going to need all the balance you can keep.

Money is success to most. It can blind the journey and mind from what truly matters. Mind over matter.

You know what they say, "it’s either you’re a professional trader or a profitable trader.

I guess the professional traders are the ones who believe you need to have thousands of dollars to be able to trade forex, basing their ideology strictly on laws.

While, the profitable traders are the ones who experiment on new things that can improve profit. And are always flexible and dynamic.

I’ve seen people raise tiny numbers like tens of dollars to big numbers like thousands of dollars.

So I believe it’s possible, and I’ll try something day.:blush:

It would be more believable if someone posted a screenshot of their myfxbook or mt trading history.

Dead-on! Your last words make me realize that you know what you are talking about. The fact that you have managed to kick off having $10 and then increase your depo to $1k evidences that it’s worth listening to your words.
I assume that skills correlate with experience, so actually I support your words. However, experience doesn’t always mean skillfullness. You may have years of experience, but if deposit drawdowns are still dramatic and you lose more than you earn, then it has nothign to do with skills. It means this trader doesn’t learn on his own mistakes which is extremely important in trading. And in investing, actually, too.