SCAM ALERT: Beware Of This Broker!

Dear Forumites,

Am sorry to post this information late.
However, I wish to inform you that a Broker called Novatradex is a SCAM. Traders beware! Below is a link to my post about them on facebook: Timeline Photos

Please tell others! Am a victim. Let’s help to flush out scam brokers out of business.

Best Regards,

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Better, post the proofs also.

And CURSE & BOYCOTT aka STINKForex!! Not only did they sabotage my first night of successful manual trading on Jan. 24, 2013, they then CHANGED MY LEVERAGE/MARGIN in mid-trading!! They only changed it back a day later AFTER they had caused large losses to wipe out my profits. They stop hunt and bet against using every method a Bucket Shop has to do so. I am not the only one, just the only one that has filed formal complaints and made their crimes known to most. Share these facts to warn others. Thank you.

I never trade in Nova, but thank anyway for your information about this broker. I will be more aware about.