Scam Alert: Capital FX signals


Recently I paid 100 GBP for telegram signal services of Capital FX Signals.

Turns out they are a HUGE scam.!
I attached my results + their report, and they ignored in their report all of the stop losses.
The group has lost me lots of money, and I think you all should know they are scam.

Here is their report next to my results. It’s on MT4 with Pepperstone broker:

Thanks for this timely reminder. I have noted down the name of this scammy service provider. Will keep it in my mind forever.

Signal services are never a good idea.

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Signal services are never a good idea.

That’s why I’m learning all I can do I can be a true trader without leaning on the signals of some persons. They made me blow my account

I find it slightly odd that your trades shown on the MT4 app do not match the results claimed on their free channel??

Also, could you please post an image of the actual signals being sent?

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First of all, we’d like to start off by saying we are very sorry to hear that you are displeased with our service.

However, we would like to note that we do not publish any false information/results under any circumstance. We have looked into your query and found many inconsistencies, first of all, you’re trades shown on the MT4 app do not correlate with the results published on our free channel (you are also not showing proof of those signals having being sent out).
Secondly, in some cases you seem to be holding a trade going in the opposite direction to our signal.

We have thus further investigated this query and found that we did not send the trades you have open in the image that you have attached. We will attach images of our signal channel, showing the trades sent, along with the date and timestamp at which the trade was sent. We will also attach a graph for each trade showing the result of the trades undertaken, along with the entry and exit points.

Please see the evidence for yourself and judge our results accordingly. We believe that this post was made by a competing company to tarnish our name.

Capital Fx Signals.


I’ve no idea of the rights and wrongs in the case but its absolutely great that @CapitalFxSignals is here offering their side of the issue. Full marks for putting your head above the parapet.

Can only wait now with anticipation for the reply from @KoboTrade.


Keep in mind guys that a BUNCH of providers delete their losing trades messages, they also delete messages related to closing trades in loss, edit their messages after a bad let’s say short trade into a long trade then photoshop the small ‘edit’ info on the message out, fake weekly pips reports, exotic and metals trades so it feels like they have won lots of pips and the list goes on and on with forex on fire being the numbe rone policeman to uncover these liars.

Simply put no need to rely on signals. I rather bet on myself everyday of the week than a person I don’t know.

then get to know the person first…Before you invest, Ivestigate say all these big investors

Betting on yourself simply wastes your time mostly because of the human brain power limitations and also you’re trying to reinvent the wheel, the fridge, the car from the beginning lol… simple logic and I find really immature whoever disagrees with this super logical statement

I’m not even understanding what your trying to say. If you want to invest your money in someone because you can’t do it that’s totally fine. I’ve invested in myself and work for myself and have been for a while. Im totally ok with doing what’s already making me money. Your statement also isn’t super logical as you would say.

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@Constadino Totally agree in regards to the fact that some providers may alter their messages and edit them after sending them. However we do not partake in such behaviour. in our images (attached to previous post) you can clearly see that they have not been edited. when a message has been edited on telegram, in the bottom right corner by the timestamp it will say “edited” as I will show as an example in the attached image.

Why have you invested in that signals anyway for whatever reason you may only have. Does it have something which may interest you for a very long time or what ? I am totally disconnected for every time being anyway basically. People should use our school + practice.

If you use the services Capital FX Signals, please add your review in Forex Protect, section Forex Signals. Thank you

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