SCAM ALERT - forex Price Action LTD


These guys are terrible, they have no idea what they are doing. I am 99% sure they trade Demo and are trading and analysing off a mobile.

Only post the winning signals and delete the losses - which are WAY more than the wins.

Below you can see how they like to manage trades. Remove stop losses and “hope for the best”

Posted after removing stops and getting DESTROYED bu the US30 - against the main trend

We are extremely sorry for this kind of irresponsible decisions on US30. We were very confident about a big reversal and got carried away. We got an opportunity to close at -60 yet missed it out of greed and ended up losing 4x more than the initial SL. Sometimes a winning strategy also gets defeated by the market. We have to accept that and move on. Hoping to recover soon and come back stronger :muscle:

Posted at the end of the week after suffering a pounding!

“It has been a very tough week for us. Gained and Lost. Missed exits on few trades. Overall, very unlike us and not how we like to proceed. We’re working on picking more high probable trades and executing them properly. We’ve done it hundreds of times before. We can do it again. On to the next ones. :gun:

  • 1000 pips a week :x:
  • Trading against clear trends :white_check_mark:
  • Trading correlated pairs against each other :white_check_mark:
  • Good risk management :x:
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Totally agree.

They are nothing but pure SCAMMER.
I wish there could be a better and wider avenue to expose them.
They traded on Demo.
Even when losing a trade, instead of giving out the real report, it’s either they are silent or issues another order or Limit orders that would be cancelled later.
Please I need a bigger and wider forum where one could expose them for what they really are.

PriceAction Forex Ltd.

If you ever come across them,



They scam with Demo signals…

Cheats and fraudulent activities